Wish me luck!

2021.09.18 23:13 CineMaMan360 Wish me luck!

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2021.09.18 23:13 loki_jotun hey guys i need your please

i'm starting to feel like suffer from NPD but i'm not sure, i know i need diagnosis from a doctor but can you give me some symptoms and behaviors the fit the NPD ? it could be as general and as specefic as you want.
thank you very much
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2021.09.18 23:13 mrcleanwithhair1 Is Peru the best option to DN somewhere next Sep-Oct? (need to be in CDT +/-1 hour)

I started a job a few months ago and it's been fully remote, so I asked my employer if I can work in another state for the week of Thanksgiving to see my family. My boss said that we could be working from the top of Mount Everest if we want to as long as I'm hitting my numbers. I told them that I will probably take him up on that and they said to go for it.
I've been doing research on where I can go that'd be in the CDT time zone, and Cusco or Arequipa looks like the best options so far - cheap, easy to get around, and good wifi. Has anyone been a DN there before? which has more hiking and lush nature around? If anyone has other recommendations please share! I would love to hear about your experience
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2021.09.18 23:13 Deodonn This a lil sketch I did in class

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2021.09.18 23:13 uniqorntears They got me 😩

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2021.09.18 23:13 PawneeRanger Simple spooky nails

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2021.09.18 23:13 McRobotik Funni

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2021.09.18 23:13 NerdyMando 18 second short...wait to the end. lol

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2021.09.18 23:13 panthe10 nasıl becermiş oç

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2021.09.18 23:13 lojic28 SELFDROP Get 168 BEGO for ~$0.2 Gas Total Supply Only 28,000,000 BEGO

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2021.09.18 23:13 Todrag5 Its so true though..

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2021.09.18 23:13 Slumpback23 Formula to delete multiple columns at once

Hello all. I’ve never used Reddit so forgive me beforehand. At my job I’ve been trying to google how to delete multiple columns at the same time. I have to run a report weekly and there’s a large amount of columns I need to delete and it takes forever manually. It would be amazing if someone could help walk me through the steps/formula on how to do that. Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.18 23:13 BamSweetJustice DJ U will be the QB all season regardless of how bad he plays

That’s it.
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2021.09.18 23:13 MrClassicPhysique Congrats to our boy @bcoursefit on turning pro! We all knew you’re made for this!

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2021.09.18 23:13 vastuspace Saturday, September 18, 2021

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2021.09.18 23:13 sassfghfghgf !🚀 Safemix Ada 🚀!💥 ! NEW ATH NOW 💸! 🎰The Lottery VIP Has Started! 🎰 Utility Token! ✅ Personal Swap !✅ ADA 12% Rewards! 🎁 !Owner Of Our Swap (Exchange)!💱! 💥 Doxxed Dev Team !!🔥! 🎯 Fair Launch!🎯 Today Big Marketing News 🔥!

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🌟 https://lottery.safemix.org/
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📊 Total Supply:- 1BILLION
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🔒Liquidity will be locked for one year
🌟 We will launch on September 9th, Time:- TBA
✅ We are truly excited to announce that we already have our swap, to be used for our exchange!✅
Anti whale metrics 🐋 You can't buy/sell over 0.5%/ 0.2%of the total supply at once 1% Max hold
🤖 Anti snipe / Bot measures We have Anti snipe measures that will make bots wreck 😁
🌟 Website :- https://safemix.org/
🌟Buy now: https://swap.safemix.org
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2021.09.18 23:13 wildwolf360 Some friends ask me too post this here its they're frist attemd so idk what too say else be kind and have fun...

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2021.09.18 23:13 Ilovethestarks Question regarding Nick [SPOILERS S1E10] [SPOILERS BOOK]

Why did Nick tell June to go with the Eyes? I know in the book she escaped, but it’s obviously different in the show. Did they not know if they’d get a season 2, and wanted to stay faithful to the book by being ambiguous but implying a Mayday rescue? If that’s the Doylist reason, what’s the Watsonian one?
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2021.09.18 23:13 srRox I used someone’s referral code when starting, can I remove it?

Person can see what I buy because of the referral (I think he is given a small percentage of what I do) and I would like to stop that. Thanks in advance.
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2021.09.18 23:13 Cuzdamatto I prefer missionary sex because it’s always a religious experience

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2021.09.18 23:13 Remote_Stage Who to keep in starting lineup

View Poll
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2021.09.18 23:13 duaa_zahra1 Some Theories based on the new S3 Poster

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2021.09.18 23:13 AverageGuy_0 Looking for reserve drivers Tuesdays 8pm (UK)

Needing reserve drivers to fill in when drivers can't make it! Friendly league for all skill levels! Check out the discord for full details! https://discord.gg/jfa3RPqX8U
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2021.09.18 23:13 crocmadame22 Heightened sensitivity to touch

I’ve been taking Xanax for a while, and I’m starving to feel a weird sensation in my body, like a hypersensitivity to touching things like fabrics, almost like that irky feeling people get when they hear nails on a chalkboard. Gives me chills. Has anyone else gotten this? How long will it last after I stop taking it?
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2021.09.18 23:13 Mr-Sun_Meadow When you’re not at home, but you’re still addicted to War Thunder:

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