btr35 sb9y5 6skk5 kf8f5 8zb5b 8b6ka dnttd k9eky 9fakt 62346 t3rys tsyk6 yshd9 ks9t5 ts9y5 snsfe i364i kh47z zsb6z beba2 6ye6e What is the counter play to Pinhead? |

What is the counter play to Pinhead?

2021.09.18 21:03 TwisTED_Ech0 What is the counter play to Pinhead?

Past killers have made me irritated, but nothing like this. His power is ridiculous and ruins any match in my opinion. His smaller chains make a bunch of noise, so he has no issue finding you. Then he can summon a chain that always seems to hit me. If your running away from him the chains will stop you from running. If your on a gen the chains pull you off. He’s a taller killer and can see over most things. This killer does everything and slows you down while he does it. Everytime I fiddled with the box he pops up and gets me.
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2021.09.18 21:03 bluebunny2122 23F Wanting to talk or game with chill people

I’m bored and have nothing to do today! Shoot me a message (:
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2021.09.18 21:03 dj_spek Join The Dishonoured Today!

Lore and Backstory The Beginning - January 1895 4 Members of the Peaky Blinders were sent from Birmingham, England, to commence business opportunities in new lands. They arrived in the United States in a town called Saint Denis. They began extorting the local low-end pub out of protection money, making it their first business. They had no hopes of expanding or branching at this point.
Moving On - October 1896 After over a year in the states, the four men gained a reputation. Over time, they gained experiences and investments in different business opportunities and decided it would be time to expand. By October, they started to brand themselves as "The Dishonoured"; they decided to stop communicating with the Peaky Blinders and set out their path remaining in the United States, creating the firm but still keeping some of the old ways.
What are we looking for?

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2021.09.18 21:03 All_the_lonely_ppl What is a fair amount to offer for a restauration?

I know that it heavily depends on the image quality, so maybe this question is difficult to answer.
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2021.09.18 21:03 AkumaFUCKINGOrihara Looking for legendary raids 8296 4074 2063

Any legendary is fine
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2021.09.18 21:03 FortuneTiara Simon's Side of the Story Video Transcript

The whole transcript taken from YouTube. Please remove if unneeded but I saw people who did want to know what was said without watching through it. This does not include any video or screenshot that was utilized in the video.
Sorry for the long scrolling as it is a long transcript.
00:00 Hi everyone. Thank you for being here today, and for hearing me out. I feel stuck in a 00:06 tough situation and it’s creating a really rough environment for me. Now, I’d like 00:13 to inform you that I will be touching on the topic of abuse in this video, and I will give 00:18 you a heads up before we dive in to that part. For ease of reference here are the time stamps 00:23 that you can work around. I want to make sure this is a safe space for myself and for the 00:28 viewers here. 00:31 I want to continue to share content online, but I don’t feel safe doing so. I’ve been 00:40 relentlessly harassed online, as has the cohost on my podcast, who has received several death 00:47 threats, driving her to the point of wanting to quit. Despite my desire for privacy around 00:53 these challenging topics, I hope that by sharing some of my side of the story, some of the 00:58 commenters who have been most hurtful and aggressive will stop, or at least soften their 01:05 harassment of me and my friends. 01:08 Now, to those who don't think there’s a problem here, you haven’t seen the messages 01:13 I’ve received. Just yesterday I received this, and it’s not the only instance; this 01:19 is a problem that has been ongoing for months. That’s at one end of the spectrum. For those 01:24 of you on the opposite end of the spectrum, this is why I have been asking people to be 01:29 nice in the comments. Thank you to those of you being supportive and impartial. To others, 01:36 though, that have still been upset, and view their comments as honest, justified criticism, 01:42 I don’t believe you have all the information, and therefore your criticism isn’t accurate. 01:49 Unfortunately, I believe you've formed your opinion about me - not entirely, but in large 01:55 part - after being primed by Martina’s emotionally charged comments. 02:00 I can understand why some of you feel so upset with me, and I’m sorry you’ve been led 02:07 to such hatred. There are two sides to every story, and I hope that you can hold space 02:13 for both. I am now going to share my side of the story about Meemers, my time in Hawaii, 02:20 and accusations of me being a Covert Narcissist. Please join me with an open mind.
02:27 Let’s start with Meemers: As far as I’m aware, here’s the narrative that has been 02:33 presented: Meemers is sick with life threatening Struvite Crystals, which is a blockage of 02:40 his urinary tract. These crystals are formed by stress, and because I have dogs, and dogs 02:48 stress cats, that’s bad for Meemers’ health. Also I live far away, and the drive will stress 02:57 Meemers, which is bad for his health too. And so, me wanting to continue to share custody 03:03 of Meemers is really selfish, and could kill him. 03:07 So, in terms of the Meemers situation, I think that’s what I’m mainly hearing. This story 03:13 is definitely one that I can understand would be upsetting. As an animal lover, myself, 03:17 I’d be angry if I heard about someone insisting upon something that jeopardizes the health 03:19 of their pet, like when people force their cats on a vegan diet, and I can see how easy 03:23 it is for those people to feel angry in turn. 03:28 So, let’s start here: let me say that Meemers wasn’t sick in my care. He was using his 03:39 cat litter fine, drinking water regularly. He was on his prescription diet, all wet food, 03:46 and I gave him wet snacks throughout the day, in order to keep his water intake high. I 03:51 even found a special boutique shop that sells his favorite cat yoghurt like the ones Martina 03:58 and I gave him in Japan, which isn’t really yoghurt, but a long thin package of wet food. 04:04 That’s what would get him mlemming in all his pictures btw. (Cute 5sec vid of Meemers 04:09 doing that) I spoke with my veterinarian about the Struvite 04:12 crystals Meemers was experiencing. He told me that they’re managed through a prescription 04:17 diet, and through ensuring that the cat drinks enough water, which is what I regularly provided 04:23 for him. I also asked my vet if it’s ok for my cat to be alongside my two puppies, 04:29 and he said it’s fine, so long as the diet and water intake are taken care of. Diet is 04:34 what the vet emphasized overall. So here comes the first part I'm struggling with: My vet 04:39 is telling me something different than what Martina‘s vet said. I can’t say who is 04:45 better qualified, but I can say that my research into Struvite Crystals online also overwhelmingly 04:51 suggests that the condition can be managed through diet. 04:59 When Martina and I separated in May of 2020, we agreed to joint custody of Meemers. We 05:07 had agreed to have Meemers at my place for one month, and then hers the next. I brought 05:13 Meemers back to Canada in June of 2020, by myself, with no help. For those of you who’ve 05:21 travelled overseas with pets, you’ll know how challenging a process this can be. During 05:25 our separation, his care and transport and papers were entirely my responsibility, and 05:31 his papers were under my name. When Martina came to Canada months later, she didn’t 05:39 have his prescription food or litter ready, so I (rather than one of her friends or family 05:50 members) had to buy everything for her, and then set it up for in her mother’s house 05:55 before she arrived. So now, let’s talk about stress on Meemers; 06:01 Meemers and Fudgy got along fine. They both slept in bed with me, with Meemers at my head, 06:08 and Fudgy at my feet, and they’d touch noses in the morning. They were getting closer and 06:18 closer all the time. Then Fudgy would go off and do his puppy things while Meemers napped 06:24 in safe spaces made just for him, where Fudgy didn’t have access. My place in Toronto 06:28 had two bedrooms, and Meemers had a whole room of his own, blocked off with baby gates, 06:37 and full of blankets, pillows and a dark closet. He would use it sometimes, though mostly he 06:45 hung around me and Fudgy, wherever we were around the apartment. Martina hasn’t ever 06:51 witnessed Fudgy’s behaviour around Meemers, because she’s never been in my house. However, 06:57 I did see Meemers in Martina’s house being bothered by her niece who really really loves 07:06 Meemers, while Meemers was trying to sleep, and this is something I raised as a concern 07:12 with Martina in private. And so, in regards to blaming Meemers’ health 07:16 entirely on my home setting, I believe the narrative should be re-evaluated, and some 07:23 of the weights of that responsibility pie need to be redistributed. 07:26 Now, this isn’t the first time Martina has tried to keep Meemers since our decision for 07:31 shared custody was made. Before Meemers’ health was a concern, I was told to give up 07:37 Meemers because I had Fudgy; I was told it was not fair that I have an animal and she 07:43 doesn’t. I don’t believe that my getting a dog after the divorce means I forfeit the 07:47 right to my cat. If you have a child in your first marriage, you wouldn’t be asked to 07:57 give up access to them because you had a second child. Pets are a blessing, and I hope that 08:03 Martina is able to enjoy the companionship of more animals in her life if she so chooses. 08:09 Later on, in January of 2021, after Martina began to publicly express her anger towards 08:16 me, she didn’t want to return him to me because she thought I would give him Coronavirus, 08:24 and for his safety she couldn’t give him back to me. The CDC said there’s no evidence 08:31 of cat’s getting Coronavirus. Unfortunately, our lawyers had to get involved in the matter, 08:38 since I didn’t share the same concerns for cat Coronavirus. 08:42 Soon afterwards I was told that his Struvite Crystals have re-emerged, and Martina refused 08:51 to give him back to me as we had arranged. We eventually got back into sharing custody 08:57 of Meemers, but only for a couple more months. Once I started the process of moving from 09:02 Toronto to London, Martina started posting more online comments about Meemers’ health. 09:09 She posted a comment that Meemers is 10, elderly, and that I live three hours away. None of 09:15 this is true. 09:16 Meemers was born around June 2012. When you were told he was 10, he was actually still 09:23 8. It was stated that he’s elderly. According 09:27 to what I’ve read, elderly cats are aged 11 and up. I don’t see anywhere that suggests 09:34 an 8 year old cat is elderly. If you become a senior at 60, it’d be like saying you’re 09:41 a senior when you’re 48 to get the Pharmacy discount. 09:44 It was stated I live three hours away and that driving is bad for him. I live exactly 09:50 168km away (Americans, it’s kilometres, not miles). We both live a few minutes off 09:57 the highway, and from my experience it’s an hour and a half on every ride I’ve taken. 10:05 And no, I don’t drive 200km an hour. Also, for those of you who don’t know/remember, 10:12 Meemers had these crystals at a very young age, back in Korea, and the vet at the time 10:20 emphasized the importance of a prescription diet and water intake. And, in Korea, we drove 10:26 him from our apartment to our studio daily, and brought him into a stressful working environment. 10:34 Meemers has been raised in changing environments After Martina’s comments, I started receiving 10:41 much more harassment from commenters online and it really impacted my mental health, to 10:48 the point that I relinquished custody of Meemers in June. I had hoped that this would be enough 10:54 for Martina to be able to heal, process her emotions, and that we could move forward with 11:00 the goodwill we had originally intended. This is what I still want. Then, after all this 11:05 fighting for Meemers, I recently learned about Martina’s decision to move back to Japan, 11:09 and that Meemers is being given over to her mom. I learned this from the comments in my 11:15 own post. So, that’s my side of things with Meemers. 11:21 This has been a stressful situation for me, because I love my cat, and also because I 11:28 don’t want to air our dirty laundry to you. We agreed to be respectful of each other online, 11:34 and to respect each other’s privacy - it's section 3.1 in our separation agreement - and 11:41 it’s been really hard for me to witness both her posts about Meemers’ custody, and 11:46 the posts about myself, because I believe this stuff should be dealt with in private, 11:53 and it’s what we agreed to. 11:54 When I was initially processing the divorce, I knew that it was going to be a very emotionally 12:00 challenging time, so I took a break from posting. I went through my emotions privately, with 12:07 lots and lots of therapy, and I’m glad I did. The 5 Stages of Divorce Grief are Denial, 12:11 Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. When I was going through the process and doing 12:14 the work, I was angry about Martina’s past behaviour too - for her mistakes in our relationship, 12:21 for the hurts I felt. I also knew that posting that stuff online wouldn’t be good for anyone. 12:28 If we only view ourselves as victims and others as transgressors, we’re not going to learn 12:34 anything, and we’re not going to heal. So, I worked through my stuff in private. I can 12:44 still feel compassion and consistent kindness towards Martina, because I know that just 12:51 like me, she makes mistakes and she struggles, we are human. It takes two to make a relationship 12:58 work, and it takes two to make it fail. And hearing only 1 side of private matters is 13:06 not going to give you an accurate picture.
13:09 So, Speaking of privacy, let’s talk about Hawaii. 13:14 I went to Hawaii in January. I bought a ticket and boarded planes legally, along with many 13:23 other people. I took a Coronavirus test before flying out, another one immediately when I 13:30 landed in Hawaii, and then another immediately upon landing on the Big Island. Overall, I 13:36 took three tests from three different places in 72 hours, and all 3 were negative. I stayed 13:42 in a small house away from the tourist area of the island, not surfing and partying it 13:48 up. Instead, I spent my time meditating at isolated beaches, trying to figure out what 13:54 the fuck I was going to do with my life. I was actually making arrangements to move to 13:59 Hawaii in June, until the floods in the North Shore changed those plans for good. 14:06 My time in Hawaii wasn’t something I wanted to share publicly, as it was a deeply private 14:12 personal trip. Mental health is incredibly important to me, and by going I was doing 14:21 something good for my mental health, in a time when it felt like the whole world was 14:25 falling the fuck apart. I didn’t shoot videos there. I didn’t want people to know about 14:31 it, and knowing that, Martina had and has no right to keep putting it online. What if 14:42 I were to post something private about her life and how she relates to the world? 14:46 I’m in a tough situation where I want to both honour our agreement, and not jeopardize 14:53 her relationship with her audience, the way my relationship with some viewers has been 14:58 soured, and I also just don’t think it’s wise to process our negative thoughts publicly, 15:05 especially while going through the heavy emotions of a divorce. 15:11 This situation is challenging me because: 15:14 I have my side of the story which I wanted to keep private 15:19 Martina is sharing things online when she’s upset 15:23 Martina’s angry posts are angering people and turning them against me 15:28 I want to honour our contract, and not cause Martina any harm.
15:33 Frankly, I don’t know how to do this. Now I’m going to get into some heavier stuff, 15:37 so if some of you are triggered by talks of survivor abuse or narcissism, you can skip 15:43 past this section, to this part of the video here, if you feel comfortable to do so. 15:49 Ok. So, there’s one last aspect I want to address: Martina has come forward as a survivor 15:56 of narcissistic abuse, and has told her audience that I am a covert narcissist. I’m really 16:08 hurt and honestly shocked that Martina feels that way. 16:13 From there, I don’t know how to respond to this appropriately, so I apologize for 16:20 those offended or hurt in advance. I’m trying my best right now, and I worry that there 16:31 is no acceptable response to this. Being a survivor of abuse is a very serious title, 16:39 and claims for it should be taken seriously. At the same time, it seems like the qualifications 16:45 for being a covert narcissist cast a wide net. I fear anything I say is something a 16:55 narcissist would say, and narcissists are great at hiding their narcissism, so there 17:03 is no opening for me to address this. I will share with you that Narcissistic Personality 17:10 Disorder isn’t the first diagnosis Martina has given me. Since the person who knows me 17:17 best made these claims about me, I took them to heart, and went to figure out how I can 17:25 fix myself, since I must still be fundamentally broken. All three of Martina’s developmental/mental 17:33 health claims about me, I brought to therapy sessions with a licensed psychotherapist. 17:39 I’ve been assured that I’m not displaying any signs of the other two things I had been 17:45 name called in our marriage, and I’ve also been assured that I’m not displaying signs 17:50 of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Lastly, I’d be remiss to not say that I can also 17:58 remember five other people she has given this label to before me, some of whom were excommunicated 18:03 from our lives. 18:04 I’m concerned that, even in expressing my side here, some people’s opinions of me 18:08 will not soften. And this is a different problem, I think, with human understanding overall. 18:15 There are no heroes or villains in real life. There are no clearly good guys, no clearly 18:23 bad guys. TV, movie, and literature tropes give us this idea of the protagonist being 18:31 the embodiment of good while villains are pure evil. And this is just not realistic. 18:36 It’s decontextualizing, dehumanizing, and uncompassionate. 18:37 I have seen in some comments people fishing for evidence of my being evil through old 18:38 videos. “Remember when he brought Martina coffee and it got cold? Proof that he was 18:39 shitty all along! Remember that time he playfully stole food on camera? This is how Simon must 18:40 have been off camera too!” Movies do a good job of fostering this kind of smoking gun 18:41 mentality: when the bad guy is revealed, and it’s a surprise, then the movie gives you 18:42 a flashback that shows you the signs that you missed early on in the movie. “See! 18:43 The evidence is all there, in the background!” People aren’t that simple, though. Movies 18:44 are unrealistic depictions of human interaction, and some people use these depictions as frameworks 18:45 for their own relationships. Yes, I have caused harm in my life, so has Martina, so have you, 18:48 and all of us, in more ways than we know. We are human beings, growing and evolving 18:56 and trying our best to understand how this world works, and sometimes we don’t get 19:03 it right. Often we don’t get it right in relationships.
19:07 Thank you for making it this far. I’d like to end off with a couple small requests. If 19:17 you’re still angry towards me, please just ignore me. Voicing your anger towards me is 19:22 not good for our mental health, yours and mine. Secondly, please stop harassing my cohost 19:30 Aliana. She has nothing to do with this. Aliana and I are friends, we are not dating, and 19:36 have never dated, and she’s being harassed online so much. 19:41 Please, if you have nothing nice to say, leave her alone. If you don’t like me, and you 19:49 see something of mine that upsets you, please just ignore it and direct that energy towards 19:55 being extra supportive of Martina’s content. Don’t use that energy to hurt people. 20:01 And for those of you who have not gotten wrapped up in this, thank you. Thank you for holding 20:09 space for my pain and for listening. I’m sorry that I’ve given more attention to 20:19 the negative comments than to you lately. I’m working on redirecting my energy, and 20:25 not being affected so much by negative comments, but goddamn it’s so hard. I hope for a future 20:33 where we can have a safer, more inclusive and supportive community.
Video Description
TW: In this video, I address the issues around Meemers, Hawaii, and Narcissism.
Additionally, I forgot to talk about my deleting of comments and blocking of people in the video, so let me address it here. As I mentioned in the video, I want to maintain my privacy. This means I don’t want matters that I didn’t openly discuss online to be shared by others, or discussed in the comments. Private information was shared without my consent. When this happens I feel invaded and unsafe. So I deleted comments that raised those points, and I blocked commenters who persisted in discussing them in my posts. Yes, I was deleting and banning, before I learned about the Hidden Words tab in Instagram’s Privacy section, where I set up auto-moderation to filter the comments on Instagram. Since Martina continually removed those filters, deleted the word list, and has been discussing my private matters openly on her social media channels, I see that my hope for privacy in this matter is no longer possible, and so I am addressing Hawaii. I’m sorry for those that I hurt in my attempts to maintain some privacy. I can see that I deeply hurt many members of the community, and I am truly saddened by that. Some of the commenters that I knew best felt betrayed, and I’m deeply sorry to have alienated them. I am working on improving where I direct my attention online.
I want to continue to share online, and maintain some boundaries. I’ve had viewers triangulate my home address in Japan based on the landmarks in pictures I posted online, been followed by fans in taxis, and my cohost has been doxxed. I really only feel comfortable posting pictures about my dogs lately because I feel so anxious on camera and in public as well. I would appreciate my privacy to be respected, and the body shaming and the death threats to stop. The safer everyone feels here, the sooner we can get back to more playful, lighthearted videos. I love it when people relate to the content personally or with curiosity. I like to know where people are from, and have always enjoyed engaging with long term members of the community.
To the commenters that are upset that I called some of the community toxic, I’m sorry if you thought I was referring to you. For the most part, you’re probably not the toxic commenters I referred to; I’m pretty sure you’ve seen them in the comments though. As I work to improve my perspective and shine light on more of the positive around me, like my puppies, I thank those members of the community who have been most supportive.
I’m very confused about people who are upset that I still post on my Instagram account. At the start of our divorce, while I was very emotional I did not post online, and I had no issue with Martina posting on our shared Instagram. I’ve never asked her to stop, or in any way have I disinvited her from posting on Eat Your Kimchi. She said she wasn’t going to post there, and continues to do so, and I’ve noticed commenters being confused about this as well. I would just like to move forward and continue sharing the channel as we agreed upon. Minus the harassment. There is space for everyone and their dogs. Cats too. Oh ya, and Turtles 🐢
submitted by FortuneTiara to simonmartina [link] [comments]

2021.09.18 21:03 LionRiderr This is the result of passing the reconciliation bill

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2021.09.18 21:03 AaronYoshimitsu Are there many ways to kill a target ?

I finished Deathloop yesterday so now I try to explore all possibilites of the game
Today I tried to kill Harriet in anoter way, but I don't think that is possible, she's always in his office, all I can do is kill her here
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2021.09.18 21:03 -K3LVIN- One of my coworkers got fired…

But my friend and I are getting promoted!
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2021.09.18 21:03 rpicot Fan automation based on humidity compared to other rooms

I’m trying to setup a bathroom fan automation that triggers when the humidity reaches a certain level higher than that of other rooms. Just like outlined in the first part of this post…
but I can’t figure out how to set it up. I have Home+ app but don’t see the option to run a Shortcut on a trigger. Anyone have experience with this?
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2021.09.18 21:03 Revolutionary_Room56 One of my favorites. you how you like it

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2021.09.18 21:03 Ryan_the_Barbarian What spooky mansion would be complete without a set of mimic furniture?! Customise your own Paper Mage tokens using the Token Vault!

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2021.09.18 21:03 db82 Marker and pen on photo paper, September 2021.

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2021.09.18 21:03 timlegolas990 I need help to make a viego guide

Hello everyone!
As a fellow Viego main i would like to make a guide for all the new players out there to post on this reddit to help then get the hang of our Ruined King. Therefore I would like the help of all of you to tell me what you would like to see in it as a new player looking to start Viego or opposingly as a veteran than would have liked those tips to get started especially if you main him on a lane considering I rarely play him there.
Any help is welcome no matter what feel free to DM me directly and to upvote to give me visibility ;)
I had planned to structure it this way:
1) Viego as a whole and a quick run down of the abilities
2) The different builds and what to build in which situation
3) A few typical clearing paths
4) His easietougher match-ups
5) A tier list of resets or what you are looking for
6) The different tips and tricks/combos
Thank you for reading and for your help :D
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2021.09.18 21:03 BLARRRGGGGHHHHH Spooky DIY set giveaway 🎃🎃🎃

I have an extra Spooky DIY set just sitting here. So I'd like to give it away ! I wanted to somehow offer it on Nookazon, but the site doesnt allow things like that sadly.
All you gotta do is comment that you're interested in the DIY set, and I'll pick someone randomly 🎃 Good luck !!
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2021.09.18 21:03 Leeeshee Rural Alberta - What is your experience?

I live in the Peace Region and was sort of surprised after the recent mask mandate renewal that a few of the small businesses (even the ones in the larger cities around here) just weren’t bothering to enforce this with even their own staff. Then the last couple days of discussion following the newest announcements have been shocking to me.
I’ve heard some business owners say they believe themselves to still be listed as an “essential” business like they were back in early 2020, so they don’t believe they are included in these upcoming restrictions. I’ve spoken to a few restaurant owners who have zero intention of closing down to patio-only, while also not planning to ask for any proof of vaccination at the door either.
Is anyone else who lives outside of the major two cities experiencing this at their work or among the local stores? Are you finding that most people don’t care?
I really am starting to think that Monday is going to come and only the large franchised business’ are going to be implementing these new restrictions. I expect it will only serve to embolden people who yell and complain when the other stores do follow the rules. Not to mention it will encourage those who might have booked a shot thinking they needed it now to do things, to just not show up at the appointment once they realize they can get away without it still. All of which will just allow our hospitals to buckle and more people to suffer unnecessarily.
Without enforcement these restrictions are going to fail us. Personally, my work place was never inspected to ensure we were following the rules before. Who is going to now when even less authorities have the jurisdiction to do so and no one knows who is opting into which set of rules?
I feel just so demoralized by the lack of any sense of duty to community or basic concern for others in my region. If it is like this in most of the other more rural parts of Alberta than I think we are in so much more trouble than I ever imagined.
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