Blessed but wishing I wasn't

2021.09.18 21:08 denzeler27 Blessed but wishing I wasn't

I've been blessed with a pretty great life so far and sometimes I wish I hadn't been so I'd have something or someone to blame outside of myself. I'm educated, ambitious, open minded, if I told you my story you would think its near the American dream.
I can't land a job, a girlfriend, friends, anything. I've done everything possible to better myself, therapy, apply for jobs I'm over qualified for, start going to church more to make friends, and yet nothing pans out.
I've never been this discouraged in my life.
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2021.09.18 21:08 lifethen And just like that, he’s got eyebrows again!

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2021.09.18 21:08 ReasonableChicken515 Got my test results

Just got my tests results back from the Planned Parenthood I got my surgery from, and I am in the clear! It’s been an anxious three months, but I made it! Really excited for this new child-free chapter of my life. Any questions, just let me know!!
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2021.09.18 21:08 o0oSharkbait Grav Mug?

Has anyone seen anything like the GRAV MUG bubbler anywhere?
I am trying to find a piece with a handle, that has the bowl on the top, a sturdy base, a handle on the right side and possibly a straw/long opening.
Has anyone seen anything like this? Or even just a bubblebong with a handle?
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2021.09.18 21:08 Space_Sheep_Gaming [Game] Maze Mania: The Ultimate 3D Maze Game

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2021.09.18 21:08 targetuae bike trailer

I have a (giant propel advanced pro disc 0). I'm looking to buy a bike trailer to get my boy with me on my rides. The thing is when I went to the shop in my town they said, it is not possible to hook trailers to my bike. I dont know if that true or if he was trying to sell me a bike. for he was trying to push me into buying a mountain bike to hook it to the trailer.

I was wondering if there is a bike trailer out there that can be hooked to my bike.

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2021.09.18 21:08 Ray_the_tiki_guy I don’t know to much about chopper but I love these bikes. How do I get started on a project like this?

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2021.09.18 21:08 Aromatic_Issue9419 How can you tell if you habe a leaking/blown head gasket on a l15b7 engine

Have some coolant leaking no power loss though engine runs fine i do remember the last time i changed the oil a week ago it was a bit different than usual somewhat like coffee resemblance not too much still looked like used oil
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2021.09.18 21:08 manifest---destiny Ted's Role, Ted & Robin, and Takeaways from Season 2

If it was up to me, I'd watch the whole show once or twice a year, but I usually give myself like two years so I can forget the lines, the jokes, and some plot points a bit. That said, I'll still watch a random episode or a random season every now and then. Recently I chose to rewatch Season Two for once reason. While NPH does put the team on his back, I think people really underrate how much Josh RadnoBob Saget help this show work. The sentimental aspects, the meaningful life lessons, the romanticization of romance, and the other things that set this show apart from almost any other sitcom simply don't work without Ted's character as a narrator and member of the gang.
Various people relate to different characters and Ted's always been the one I relate to. For that reason, Season 2 has always been special to me because it's the only one that Ted spends actually dating Robin. It's the season that is the byproduct of his relentlessness in not giving up on them being together; of his determination to make it rain, to be romantic, and to convince her that they should be together. Obviously Robin was always kind of into him, so that's helps, but it's not often you really like someone and you're able to turn a no into a yes. But in rewatching Season 2, I don't even know if this was the writers' intentions, but I think it actually shows how getting the thing you want so bad maybe isn't as great as you were expecting. It maybe serves as a lesson on why you can't force something to work if both sides can't make sacrifices to make it work. This is especially true if the two sides have compatibility issues.
"Slap Bet" is a pretty beloved episode. It's definitely great, but it's personally horrifying to watch. As someone who really wants for Ted and Robin to work, it's painful to see the mistrust in this episode. Ted suspecting Robin was married. Robin making an elaborate lie about how she was married. Ted telling Marshall about it after he promised Robin he'd keep the secret. That's bad but making it more complicated is that there's also the fact that to some degree, I think they're both a bit justified. I think Ted is justified to tell his friends they should respect Robin's privacy but want her to tell him in private since he's her boyfriend. I think Robin is justified when she says she's shared more with Ted than anybody else and she just wants to be able to keep at least one secret not relevant to them. Robin is justified to not want other people she sees constantly to know about her (made-up) secret. Ted is justified to want to share with his best friend since college that his girlfriend was married and never told him until confronted about it.
Plenty of other episodes had problems. Ted wanting a girl who's interested in knowing about his day but Robin just isn't always that girl (Ted Mosby, Architect), the problems they had when Ted moved in because you and your partner will always have disagreements when you share a home, especially if one is a pretty independent person (Moving Day). Robin's initial unwillingness to part with things gifted by her exes after making Ted get rid of his exes' gifts. Ted's pettiness at putting them all back after Robin says she won't (Stuff). All relationships have problems and we saw plenty between Marshall and Lily, Barney and Robin/Nora/Quinn, Robin and her boyfriends, and of course, Ted and his girlfriends, but none of those were a situation of a kind-hearted person winning over the girl/guy of their dreams. Ted and Robin in the rain was supposed to be Happy Ever After... but it wasn't. Sometimes we have a dream job, a dream school, a dream city, or a dream girl or guy, and we want to have it so badly, but Season 2 shows getting the things you want most doesn't necessarily work out. Going back to what I said earlier about how you sometimes can't force things, Robin and Ted can make it work despite some incompatibilities, but someone has to let go of something. Robin has to let go the idea of travelling often for work and give serious thought to being a mother. Ted has to let go the idea of being in New York or of always having Robin around and has to give serious thought to not being a dad, or at least being a dad with Robin as a more of an aunt than a mother. They can meet each other halfway but that still demands concessions.
To avoid making a long post longer, my favorite episode of their relationship is First Time in New York. It's Ted finding a way to deal with a tricky situation involving Robin's younger sister. It's Robin figuring out how to express to someone for the first time that she loves them. It's cute and sweet and funny and I love it.
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2021.09.18 21:08 The-Beefy-Cow Current BeefyBoosts

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2021.09.18 21:08 birdandthesea Is this authentic?

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2021.09.18 21:08 magnumgaming21 Local park at 6:30 in the morning

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2021.09.18 21:08 heinaga1989 ✅⚡️ZEUSEUM⚡️✅Safemoon 3.0✅5000 auto buyback✅Doxx Dev✅Largest BSC project✅ Fairlaunching Tomorrow ✅big Staking APY✅Wallet APP ✅Promoted by Satoshi Street Bets! ✅


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* Token Name: Zeuseum
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* Pancakeswap Liquidity Created and Locked until 2030
* Zeuseum Total Supply 10,000,000,000
* Zeuseum Slippage 17% - 18%
* Liquidity Lock until 2030 (8 Years)


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2021.09.18 21:08 i_DustBall [COD] Account Compromised, anyone else have this issue?

I recently hopped onto the vanguard beta and was recommended to set-up two factor. I thought, why not, and realized I wasn't able to log-in to my call-of-duty account as my password wasn't recognized. I thankfully was logged into the mobile app and saw that the email address had been changed to a account. I did a quick google search and saw numerous people having this issue before.
I followed the activision support instructions on their website to create a new call of duty account and re-link my accounts (, etc...) and have since lost all progress, microtransactions (battlepasses), and am effectively at rank zero. Following the rest of the support post for account recovery, I have submitted the ticket twice and get a response generally an hour later telling me that the ticket was closed as my request doesn't meet the needs of what that ticket is for.
Any one else experienced this issue and successfully recovered their account?
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Deez nuts nft discord
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2021.09.18 21:08 Icy-Specialist-9944 Problem with input data

//Program :Lab 2 //Author :Jordan Davis //Date :Fall 2021 //Description: This program will count the change // inputed by the user and give a the total // amount #include  // provides std::cout, std::endl, Std::fixed #include  // provides std::setprecision void welcome(); void input_data(int change); void preform_calculations(int change, float& total); void output_results(int change, float& total); int pennies; int nickles; int dimes; int quarters; int number_of_pennies; int number_of_nickles; int number_of_dimes; int number_of_quarters; int main() { int change{}; // change inputed by users float total; // total amount of change in welcome(); input_data(change); preform_calculations(change, total); output_results(change, total); } // // An Output module that displays a welcome message to the // user on the screen // void welcome() { std::cout << "Welcome to the change counting program" << std::endl; } // // An input module that displays the amount // of change from the user // void input_data(int change) { std::cout << "Enter number of pennies: "; std::cin >> pennies; std::cout << "Enter number of nickles: "; std::cin >> nickles; std::cout << "Enter numder of dimes: "; std::cin >> dimes; std::cout << "Enter number of quarters: "; std::cin >> quarters; } // // A processing module that computes the total // amount the user has entered // void preform_calculations(int change, float &total) { total = number_of_pennies * 0.01f + number_of_nickles * 0.05f + number_of_dimes * 0.10f + number_of_quarters * 0.25f; } // // A output module that displays the users // total amount of change // void output_results(int change, float& total) { std::cout << std::fixed << std::setprecision(2); std::cout << "You have " << total << " $ in change" << std::endl; } 
I'm stuck on how to get the data input by the user from the input data module to processing module without using global variables
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2021.09.18 21:08 Philthy_Hill Spicy sausage, onion and jalapeño pie

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2021.09.18 21:08 Old_Peak_6838 O que acham da minha novinha?

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2021.09.18 21:08 Ok_Acanthaceae_5200 Regarding moca adapter 2.5 tl-mc84 for its 2 Ethernet ports

If I have the right idea, is it as easy as this? Routemodem cable Ethernet > moca adapter > moca filter > splitter for both moca and cable internet > coax outlet ~~~~~ coax outlet in my room > connect other Moca adapter > plug and play
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2021.09.18 21:08 Dreddy11 V60 vs Fold 3

Just wondering has anyone pulled the trigger on the Fold 3? What are your perspectives how does it stack up to the V60?
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2021.09.18 21:08 Ben_7 Bonjour! Jum-a-pell Ben.

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2021.09.18 21:08 Rubo650 Steel of Defiance is looking for more members to aid in helping the citizens of Appalachia, Join Today!

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2021.09.18 21:08 xxfallen420xx Hedgies R Fuked

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2021.09.18 21:08 heinaga1989 🔥 Lollypop is a brand new token on the DeFi market launching today 🔥 8% rewards back to holders 💎 Small LP = Easy to skyrocket at start 🔥 Fairlaunching today | Links will be provided before start to check ! Moonshot potential! x1000 gem 💎

🔥Are you tired of all these scams nowadays ? Only legit tokens you can invest into have huge LP pools makes it impossible to even x2 your money? Today we are launching Lollypop with small LP 1,5-2 bnb! All links will be provided to check before it goes live! Promotions will take place after launch such as Coinhunt and CMS hot! Come test your luck and gain back some money in these hard days 🔥
Some info of the token
🚀 Supply : 1,000,000,000,000,000 🔥 Burn: 50% at start 💎 Small Liqudity and burn ratio makes it easy to skyrocket! ✅ Verified contract on BSC
✅ LP will be locked for 3 months
✅ Anti-Dump mechanism
✅ Custom app in progress ( wallet ) ------------------------------------------------------------- 14% TAX breakdown
💎 Auto LP 4% 💎 Rewards back to holders 8% 💎 Marketing wallet 2%
🔥Join us today at launch and bring some color to your portfolio with our LollyPoP 🔥
Social links : TG: site:
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2021.09.18 21:08 MotherPresentation52 why havent i shifted ? how do i make myself believe? (rant/questions)

hello, i am relatively new to shifting and i have a few questions. i'm tagging this as a rant because i dont have anyone i can talk to abt shifting and i just feel very alone in it lately and theres some things i want to get off my chest. this might be a little demotivating so please keep that in mind.
i first found out about shifting some 6 months ago but ive only been trying seriously since some time this summer, not sure when. this sounded kind of like a miracle to me because for as long as i can remember ive felt a little dissatisfied with this reality. when i was little i would daydream all the time about what i would change in my reality if i could, then id tell myself that getting my hopes up like this is a waste of time because it wasnt going to happen. especially the last two years ive really felt like i didnt belong here and that something was wrong. i even have a few journal entries were i wrote about feeling like everything was wrong and that somehow i ended up on the wrong timeline. for this reason, i think im finding shifting a little too good to be true.
i really do want to believe. i think i am sort of desperate, especially lately, because i just dont want to be here. ive scripted to have a different appearance in my dr too which is a major source of disappointment in my life. i think because of this, its hard for me to believe. i will go to bed with the intention to shift in mind, but theres always this underlying thought thats like, who am i kidding, i know im just going to wake up looking the same as i always do. what can i do about this?
also, i know better than to compare my journey with others' but the past few days i really want nothing more than to be in my dr with my desired face and body and my comfort characters and everything. there is something happening in a month that i'd just really like to avoid because i'm close to certain that when it happens i'll be crushed. im growing really impatient and its just making me sad and i want to know what im doing wrong.
im starting to feel like maybe im crazy for believing in any of this. it really does feel too good to be true. none of my friends believe in it, and i think thats not helping. im beginning to wonder if maybe its just lucid dreaming or daydreaming or whatever else people who dont believe in shifting will say. i dont want to waste my time because ive been doing that since i was young. what am i supposed to do in a situation like this, and why havent i shifted already? how can i make myself believe in shifting, and prove to myself that it isnt just lucid dreaming or anything else?
thank you for reading. i really dont want to be in this reality anymore :(
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