🚀 HAFTALIK ZİRVE KAPANIŞ GELDİ ( Bitcoin Analiz Ada Coin Analiz Matic Coin Analiz Ftm Coin Analiz )

2021.10.25 01:54 crytoloover 🚀 HAFTALIK ZİRVE KAPANIŞ GELDİ ( Bitcoin Analiz Ada Coin Analiz Matic Coin Analiz Ftm Coin Analiz )

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2021.10.25 01:54 POKEGAMERZ9185 Apparently This Office Still Uses a CRT

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2021.10.25 01:54 ticaret İkinci El Puzzle | Sahibinden Satılık İkinci El Satışı Fiyatları ❣️

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2021.10.25 01:54 ewillikerz Fatty special assignment

Anyone wanna help me take down fatalis in the special assignment? I made it to the third big flame today on my first try using switch axe but ran out of time to play. Really cool fight. Would like to do a duo with palicos. I work 2nd shift, but have a few hours after 10:30 US EST each night after my work is done this week. MR is around 140. Any help would be great.
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2021.10.25 01:54 Human_Silver4383 Any experience with Electro Antiperspirant ionto machine? Or any long-term results ionto device?

Hey sweaty mates ;)
I want to get an ionto device and I've read on the internet some comments about the one from Electro Antiperspirant as being super effective, the dryness longing often up to several months!!
But I can't find any comment about it in this community. I hope some of you can help me.
If anyone has a similar experience with another device, using it only once every couple of months in the maintenance phase, I'm also interested in readin you ;)
For my final choice, I need shipping to Europe because I live in France.
Thnx for sharing!
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2021.10.25 01:54 subheight640 Accidental Politicians: How Randomly Selected Legislators Can Improve Parliament Efficiency

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2021.10.25 01:54 FlamFlamHammock I've been on a Tiefling binge recently while practicing skin highlights! C&C welcome!

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2021.10.25 01:54 crytoloover ECOMI OMI - ECOMI to USD Chart

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2021.10.25 01:54 KasaneTeto_ side peek

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2021.10.25 01:54 KaijuGeneral Why thermo godzilla is overrated and overpriced

Yet another post of me ranting about kaiju universe except this time about a specific kaiju
so basically this is my problem with thermo its stupidly overpriced like yeah sure its a great kaiju when fighting against kaijus that don't use hit and run strats but when it does its absolute trash against them for example a heisei rodan could beat a thermo in a 1v1 and that's not something to scoff at because heisei rodan's base damage is one of the worst doing only about 300 or below damage which is absolutely tiny compared to thermos damage and its price needs to be lower, anyways that's my rant about thermo being overpriced
here's me ranting how overrated thermo is i think its overrated since most people are new to the game and all they see is thermo and its price expecting it to be the best thing in game which it is not most people i see who use thermo are either pay to win players who just joined the game or a max/high level thermo that actually has experience in the game anyways rant over see in my next pose
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2021.10.25 01:54 Master_Rignolo Hannah Goldy

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2021.10.25 01:54 environmentind India’s biggest aromatic garden developed at Lalkuan: Nainital

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2021.10.25 01:54 Carson24_ Looking for a philosophy

What Philosophy is based on:
Focusing on yourself
Not worrying about the outside world
Being completely mindful
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2021.10.25 01:54 flamekinzeal0t No good news came out about AMC this weekend

Which obviously means we'll have a good week. It always seems like the bad weeks follow good news
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2021.10.25 01:54 freepaper100 Is an MMO too much to hope for?

At this moment I would take a .hack MMORPG. Does CyberConnect2 even have the resources to make an mmo like how it is in the media(video games/anime/manga/light novels/etc)? I Wish they did. I really really wish they did.
But making an mmo like that just isn't really feasible at the moment. Or cost effective if they could bring .hack to the mmo scene.
Oh I know there Used to be an Online service mmo kind of thing for the .hack games. But that was over a decade or 2 ago and Japan only to boot.
The Last online game they made was .hack//new_world.(That I know of.) A Japan Only phone app game. Can't even look for vids for .hack//new_world without running into the new Online Game New World.
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2021.10.25 01:54 TeachingSpare1951 What's the reality of your classroom?

I teach HS and have finally started to accept the reality - no matter what I do, the students at my school cannot be reasonably trusted to: participate in class, complete work when they were absent, do group work... My school doesn't have a single teacher who isn't giving at least half of their class a failing grade.
I recently made a digital journal for an elective class I teach where for the entire unit, they were responsible for one slide per day (each slide had examples, activities, stopping points for check-ins, etc). It did lead to an improvement in participation, but the trend for many is still watching a movie during class and failing. And this method led to a lot of silent work time because many engaging in the group discussion instructions on the slide. I tried to use these activities as exit tickets, but the students all hit me with their, "I don't know," and "I am confused about the question" about questions like "What does your family do to help the environment? Write 2 examples below." You're 16. You understand. You're confused because you didn't enter the class code I have on the board every day or accept my 6 classroom invites, so you can't see the assignment. And no, not getting on the classroom doesn't qualify you to turn this in late.
In an ideal world, I would have tricks up my sleeve to get them talking to each other or break down the assignments with them, but honestly? It just feels pointless and it's getting harder to convince myself that it is even worth policing their behaviors at all. I know it's my responsibility, but it's so widespread across our entire school that it's the norm, and I am at the point where I don't have the energy to fight them on their poor choices, and it makes me feel lazy.
So my question is... For teachers in this boat, what does class look like for you to get through your content? Forget about the district's garbage advice. What's your vibe? Do you call parents in class or take electronics away? Do you do your part, let them do nothing, and then fail them? I'd love to hear what it looks like for others who are struggling through this.
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2021.10.25 01:54 RynheartTheReluctant Jan. 6 Protest Organizers Say They Participated in 'Dozens' of Planning Meetings With Members of Congress and White House Staff

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2021.10.25 01:54 EGGu-chaan aquarium light died need advice

My trusty 3 year old aquarium led just died and i was using it for my newly made cycled dutch style planted nano tank(28L). It has a stocking of 10 cherry shrimps and 3 amanos in there that few just added yesterday and they have settled down nice and comfy. Now my led light just died on me and i am using a spare old fluorescent light that is very dim. My tank is mostly low light plants so i am wondering how long can they last without good lighting, as i have just ordered a new set of leds.
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2021.10.25 01:54 Robrien2011 Virtual Survivor: Need Help For Immunity

In desperate need of help! I’m in a virtual survivor game, and we need to have as many votes for our camp NIGHTWING to win Immunity! Any chance you and your community can help us out?
Polls close at 4 PM (US EST) on 10/25/21!
Full Context: We just did a tribe swap and it's 5-1 me, so I'm on the chopping block if we lose and getting very worried :( He's the call for help
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2021.10.25 01:54 aw_dam_its_mic What's the best layup package for floaters?

Just wondering. I know long athlete has been the go to forever. I always like to floaters in the rec and was wondering what the go to layup package is for floaters.
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2021.10.25 01:54 Ok_Marzipan9157 Cathy Fucking kelley 😍😍

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2021.10.25 01:54 Crazykidd13578 I know it’s kinda a dumb question but

So I’ve been with someone for a month and I know him irl but we haven’t really done anything irl because I’ve had no time. I really don’t know if I could consider this even a relationship. Is it?
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2021.10.25 01:54 Mysterious-Ad7019 Yep! Alder Lake will make the SLS2 a M1x ball crushingly fast system!

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