If you don't have a stake in the business, then the risk the owner takes is none of your concern

2021.10.25 01:18 yogthos If you don't have a stake in the business, then the risk the owner takes is none of your concern

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2021.10.25 01:18 StellarCreamPie Sus

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2021.10.25 01:18 athclown I drew marina and sprinkles :)

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2021.10.25 01:18 Bak1iio So again.. what skin is Baron using?(Not the map lol)

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2021.10.25 01:18 WalrusOnPc The View of a Cloudy Mount Garibaldi from the Top of Black Tusk [OC][5345x3620]

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2021.10.25 01:17 Snirpiy Yes

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2021.10.25 01:17 Golemisty Alexandria Newspaper: Special Guest Edition!

Bright everyone,
What was your Sunday? I hope good. As you know our guild is becoming bigger and bigger. The more people, the more different interests there are. Newer and newer circles of interest arise, more and more topics to talk about, and more and more activities, members begin to do together. Today, together with my special guest, we will take a closer look at one of these circles, or more of a trend of interests. Today's guest will be a person very well known to all present here. Often called the Father. By nature, he manages the in-game guild. It's @Hatti! And yes, in this game. Today we'll talk about Cookie Run: Kingdom. Oh, and thanks very much to @Pjuk for a topic: "The sudden conversion of bitcraft players into cookie run players"
Traditionally I asked him 5 simple questions whick he must answer. R: What do you think about Cookie Run? - "I think cookie run is incredibly fun, and a good way to pass the time until bitcrafts release." R: Is that good, that BitCraft players are playing Cookie Run? How does it feel to be a guild leader? Are you surprised that so many guys joined you and want to play with you? - "Honestly I didnt expect anyone to want to play with me, I was just hyperfixating and people randomly started joining in. But it makes me happy to enjoy it with others!" R: You know that you bring new trend to the server? - "The CRK guild wasn't my idea, so I wasn't expecting to run it, but its sweet that the members wanted me to. There's not much other than that, I just liked playing cookie games and it spiraled." I am happy to take full blame for plunging out guild into gacha hell. Something from Hatti: - Anyone who wants to play should join our CRK guild, HattiSimpClub!
As you can see, CRK is getting more and more players, so something must be up. Go and check it! CRK - Cookie Run: Kingdom
Next Guest on next Sunday, who knows maybe It will be you! Thanks for reading our newspaper!
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2021.10.25 01:17 argentrising821 Dog ate detergent.

Basenji mix, about 3 years old, male, around 90lbs, no symptoms yet, licked about 1/2 tsp or less of gain detergent. Its been about 15 minutes. Unfortunatley we don't have the availability to take him to a vet or afford the consultation fees on a hotline as it's not our dog, he's staying with us and the owner (sister in law) bring the dog food over. We have already given him water to dilute the detergent.
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2021.10.25 01:17 SirWilliamTheEpic Sharpie+woodcarving set = E.T. Pumpkin

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2021.10.25 01:17 jrjreeves Celebrities and F1 Grids

Is it just me that is irked by celebrities that somehow gain admittance to the F1 grid and the paddock despite having next to no, or zero interest in the sport?
I've no idea what her name is but that rapper and her entourage who pretty much showed Martin the finger on the grid walk just shows how self-centered and arrogant they are. I fully get that they aren't there to get questioned by what no doubt appeared to be an annoying journalist trying his luck, but the lack of respect shown in particular by her entourage really annoyed me. Martin Brundle raced 158 times in F1 and nearly died multiple times and is one of the most respected individuals in the F1 community today, surely if these celebrities had actual interest in the sport they would be aware of who he is. I mean that guy who said "You can't do that" honestly what an idiot, I'm glad Btundle said something back to him.
They are supposed to be guests to the F1 circus, they should respect it more and that includes not only the teams and drivers but the media as well.
Both Serena and Venus Williams blanked him, Owen Wilson (even if he is a fan) showed himself up, no doubt there are countless others but those come to mind.
TL;DR: If you are going to show up on am F1 grid, show more respect, you are in their world not yours.
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2021.10.25 01:17 tempermentalhippie can someone edit out the light switch in this? happy to tip ☺️

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2021.10.25 01:17 Bak_286 Just a normal view from Y 0 in 1.18 snapshots

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2021.10.25 01:17 chrishicks25 [US] Rewards page on PC not US?

I have no idea what is going on but my rewards page is not the US despite it showing as such at the very bottom. I have 3 tasks and where This or That should be it's a 30 point quiz.
I normally do the dailies on PC but did them on my phone this time because it is correct there. I've tried clearing cookies/cache and nothing fixes it. I've tried resetting the location and that doesn't work either.
Is anyone else seeing this?
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2021.10.25 01:17 Sockoou Going back to work

I’ve been off of work for the past 3 weeks because I caught covid. I’m going back to work on Tuesday and well to put it bluntly, I hate my job and I’m having a panic attack about going back. It just makes me sad, having to work in a dump on very inconvenient hours that suck. It makes me very lonely when I’m the only person I know who works these hours. I loose all of my social life, even though I’ve never been very social. I was sad when I was off work too. It doesn’t matter. I’ve always been miserable, I just hate my life, I feel pathetic since I want to cry just from expressing. I’m pathetic and I know it. I feel embarrassed.
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2021.10.25 01:17 SSDestiel Do British People Not Like Sweetness?

It seems like the Bake-Off judges and contestants don't use much sugar, or if they do, they have to "cut the sweetness" with something sour or bitter. Do British people simply dislike sweetness, and if so, why? Is it from sugar rationing during WWII?
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2021.10.25 01:17 Thepunisher309 I feel like flipping how much of a crown you get for the Halloween shows might have helped with the Trick show problem

I feel like the issue with the trick show isn’t just how difficult it is, but also that the people who are really good at Slime Climb and Slime Scraper just keep playing these shows for easy crowns. If the rewards were flipped then it would be less incentive for the same people to just keep playing and winning trick show.
My other justification for this is that the amount of crowns you win in each show should reflect what it’s called. For example, you are being treated to a whole crown for winning treat show and tricked into just getting crown shards for winning trick show.
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2021.10.25 01:17 nxjxn_69 Who is an important person in history that no one knows about?

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2021.10.25 01:17 AtrosRH 2B - (Nier Automata) - [LoganCure]

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2021.10.25 01:17 DisablingRedesign Maintaining the motivation and desire to date after 30

So back in my 20's I used to date every now and then, I didn't really ever figured out how to enjoy dating but I did it because I was lonely and afraid of being alone.
Now I find myself alone in my mid 30's and... I just don't really care anymore. I've lost all interest in dating and haven't even tried for the last four years and I don't see my mentality changing. I'm not unhappy with being alone and I've made plans for how to live post retirement if my body or mind starts failing.
Am I the only one who feels this way once they hit around mid-30's? Nowadays dating just sounds like more of another job to me, but one I don't get paid for and with bad work hours.
Has anyone ever entered into this kind of mindset and gotten out of it?
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2021.10.25 01:17 rickrucksack Adding to the eggplant, pepper, radish, watermelon posts... How about some tiny carrots?

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2021.10.25 01:17 Grusifixion Boba Fett / Mandolorian

I am looking for a full fledged Mando suit styled like Boba, if anybody has any links to where I can buy one or how I could make one for Halloween that would be awesome.
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2021.10.25 01:17 Spice_8 Funniest school assembly stories, or just something interesting idc

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2021.10.25 01:17 Redaaku Stats Thread: Manchester United vs Liverpool [24/10/2021]

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2021.10.25 01:17 Automatifier Offroad + super cruise

Is there any technical reason GM isn't offering Super Cruise in the off road oriented trims of the 2022 Sierra and Silverado, even the super expensive ones (AT4X/ZR2)?
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2021.10.25 01:17 andytdesigns1 Mr.ET, the greatest of his creations

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