atkzr 7h5hy d4879 stbaa a389b f2in5 inkza 4tht4 62t4t thbyi by9ay bffkz 92aii aa5iy ydfb7 4zd5e n73n7 irbs5 2rs24 434y9 kddtf How do I remove this kitchen tap from under the sink? |

How do I remove this kitchen tap from under the sink?

2022.01.19 16:59 Synchronauto How do I remove this kitchen tap from under the sink?

Please see:
Unlike taps I have dealt with in the past that have a large fastener that is unscrewed, this appears to be held in with teeth, and I don't see any way to remove them. I looked online but can't find any info. Please help!
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2022.01.19 16:59 jennyquackles Lights randomly showing as unresponsive in Alexa

Just randomly this afternoon, Alexa is now stating that my light bulb isn’t responding and won’t turn it on or off. The light bulb is showing as active within it’s own app and can be turned on and off with this. I’ve tried all the things I’ve found online like disconnecting and reconnecting and resetting the Wi-Fi but that hasn’t helped, any ideas? Thanks
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2022.01.19 16:59 Ok_Boot_8021 Don Lothario Makeover (repost to include my favourite outfits)

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2022.01.19 16:59 newsdk Anonym klagede over 'vilde vesten-tilstande' i et af byens dyreste villakvarterer: Nu lægges der op til syndsforladelse

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2022.01.19 16:59 riverafamilymail143 Look at PUTS action for $100 $95 $90 Jan 21, Expiration. Fuk your PUTS. Can I say that in the title.

Look at PUTS action for $100 $95 $90 Jan 21, Expiration. Fuk your PUTS. Can I say that in the title. This would be one of the reasons we are staying in this range. They want us sub $90.
Look at PUTS action for $100 $95 $90 Jan 21, Expiration.
Friday will be Spicy. Buy, HODL, DRS. We are wining this fight Friday. NFA. Let make them expire worthless.
What is a put option?
Simply put (pun intended), a put option is a contract that gives the option buyer the right — but not the obligation — to sell a particular underlying security (e.g. a stock or ETF) at a predetermined price, known as the strike price or exercise price, within a specified window of time, or expiration.
Buying put options can be a way for a bearish investor to capitalize on a downward move in the underlying asset. But if you buy too many options contracts, you could actually increase your risk. Options may expire worthless, and you can lose your entire investment.
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2022.01.19 16:59 Nothing_Special_23 Who do you think is gonna be the most important character overall?

View Poll
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2022.01.19 16:59 TLB95 Any winter ID experts out there? Unknown tree located in Norfolk Virginia

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2022.01.19 16:59 FaT4L_DiLLuSi0N 6 MAN MASTER PRESAGE 100K

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2022.01.19 16:59 Alfredo1114 Am I the reason I can't hit plat?

I feel as if I consistently get into games where I get DPS don't do damage. I just played a game where I thought I did really well, there were some points where I know I could have played it better but it just feels like I'm hard stuck because of my teammates.
My most recent loss: ECATQM
IGN: Alfredo1114
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2022.01.19 16:59 swooney_noodles Who do you think is the most boring hero to play?

I personally think it's Wall-Knight
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2022.01.19 16:59 ShortAlgo $CRM Awaiting Buy Signal on CRM

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2022.01.19 16:59 LuluTopSionMid Glazed and Buttered Pork Chop, Rosemary Butter Potatoes, Shredded Carrot and Cabbage Salad with Olive Oil Caesar

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2022.01.19 16:59 moasmokes Aeon Lounge 4 Review by Moa Smokes

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2022.01.19 16:59 isleepifart Question about income while on student permit in Canada

Hey people!
I'm going to be going for a master's in Canada soon and according to rules of the permit students are only allowed to work 20 hours per week.
I have been an author (not my "field" this was intended as a side-hustle) for the past 2 years and have a fairly huge amount of books on Amazon and smashwords that I earn passive income in. I don't plan to write or sell while on a student permit so as to not violate the rules. But do I have to take them down? Is income earn from there would be considered a violation?
As you know Canada and especially Vancouver is pretty expensive so this is definitely money that will help me out. Thank you for answering!
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2022.01.19 16:59 newsdk Se video: Taget brændt af rækkehuse - brandvæsnet kæmper mod flammerne

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2022.01.19 16:59 BikeLifeisMyLife [PC SERVER][STEAM] [PvE] ✨Fire Fly Gaming Community, since 12/2019✨

[PC SERVER][STEAM] [PvE] ✨Fire Fly Gaming Community, since 12/2019✨ Greetings Everyone! Our community is a friendly and helpful atmosphere you can sit back and relax with. Our goal is to provide a community driven gaming experience tailored via direct feedback from all of you :). So come on over and play with us. We'd love to have you! Join our Discord Server for all server rules, info, announcments and shenanighans
Ark 1 Steam Server Features: OVERFLOW Protection w/automatic element & tribute transfers + uploadable inventory! AUTOCRAFTING for those mass production jobs SERVER Side Stacks and Weights CROSSARK Chat REWARDS Items, currency and Kits via in-game shop UNLIMITED mind wipes REUSABLE Items AWESOME Spyglass and teleporter ​ DINOTRACKING in multiple forms BUILDING Mods for your creative endeavors DONATOR Perks (Body retrieval, dino coloring, etc) TAMING Helper items for those who want faster tames AUCTION House and ingame currency QUESTS in both daily and weekly forms BREEDING designated maps with higher rates VOTER Rewards
Ark 1 Steam Cluster Wide Mod List (Including Mod Maps)
Ark 1 Server Settings: Max Tribe Members = 10 Max Alliances = 12 Max Tribes in Alliance = 10 Tribal Warfare = Enabled, Cancel Allowed Player Multipliers: XP = 1, Stam = 1.25, Oxygen 1.25, Food = 1.2 (Custom harvest table is 3x for most resources, 1.25x for plant based resources) Max Dino Level = 256 Wild Dino DMG/RES = 1.35 Tamed Dino Food Drain Multiplier = .5 Taming Speed Multiplier = 5 Tamed Health = .2 Tamed Stamina = 2 Tamed Oxygen = 1 Tamed Food = 1 Tamed Temperature = 1 Tamed Weight = 4 Tamed Damage = .17 Tamed Speed = 1 Tamed Crafting = 1 Mating Interval = 10 Mating Speed = 1 Egg Hatch Speed = 10 Baby Mature Speed = 5 Baby Food Consumption = .5 Imprinting Stat Scale = 2 Cuddle Interval = .2 Cuddle Grace Period = 1 Cuddle Lose imprint Quality Speed = 1 Lay Egg Interval = .7
Ark 1 Steam PvE Server Status:\[2e079b9a-d6f7-11e7-8461-83e84cedb373\]
📷 Abberation 📷 Caballus 📷 Crystal Isles 📷 Extinction 📷 Fjördur 📷 Genesis Ship 📷 Genesis Sim (Needs Valguero DLC) 📷 Ragnarok 📷 Scorched Earth 📷 The Center 📷 The Island 📷 Valguero 📷 Lost Island
Server Hardware (Self Hosted) Ryzen 9 5950x 16 core cpu 128GB ECC 3200 DDR4 x1 1TB Gen3 NVME x1 1TB Gen4 NVME 4TB (1TBx8) SSD Raid10 array 2TB (1TBx2) SSD Raid 0 array Bandwidth 1Gbps/256mbps Fiber
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2022.01.19 16:59 IZXD Shaman in Space - Chapter 12: Duel

First | Previous | Next
K'artu, a tribal shaman, finds himself 15,000 years in the future as the captive of a group of aliens. However, he is not the feeble human they imagine him to be and he turns the tables on his captors.
Along his escape, he runs into Xero August, a mobster of the Efreeti race with an interest in combat sport. He decides to employ K'artu, with the goal of winning back the power and respect of his city that he once held.
Through a series of combat tournaments, warring factions, and space adventures, K'artu will learn how vast the universe truly is.
And the universe will learn how terrifying one human can be.
K’artu watched as the cloaked figure rose from the debris. Although it had been hit with his blessing of prestige, it was far from incapacitated. The stronger his opponent’s will, the less effective his attack was, and it was the first time he had seen someone endure it head on in this new world. He had yet to face someone of such calibre, and the thought brought him much joy.
‘Shaman!’ Xero called out. ‘That is a reaper. A creature from deep space. He can drain your life force with a single touch. Don’t make any physical contact.’
K’artu nodded in acknowledgement without taking his eyes off his foe.
‘So you have acquired another prized fighter for me to kill,’ the reaper said. ‘If you keep entertaining me like this, I might not even want to kill you anymore.’ The reaper seemed equally pleased as K’atru.
‘Xero…August wasn’t it?’ he continued. ‘I will remember that. And you in turn can remember me as Actues of the Ascension faction, as I take the life of yet another comrade of yours.’
The wingblades extending from Actues’ back straightened downwards in a streamlined shape as he assumed a crouching position. Not even a second later, he kicked off the ground with explosive force, closing the distance between him and K’artu with unbelievable speed. Actues swung his fist at K’artu who dodged the opening strike easily, but had no time to react with a counter as the wingblades came to life, mimicking the reaper’s swing by slashing at K’artu one after the other.
The flurry of blades forced K’artu to dive towards the ground to avoid them. He then rolled onto his back to unleash a blast of lightning at Actues. The reaper sidestepped the lightning then spun in K’artu’s direction, using momentum of the dodge to maintain the short gap between them. It was a battle of who could hold their distance advantage better: K’artus long-range attacks against the close quarter preference of Actues.
K’artu righted himself from the floor, but Actues was still close. The wingblades spun at him like a fan, forcing him to duck. In the same instance, Actues went low while extending his hand towards K’artu. K’artu realised what was going on. The wingblades were simply to force him into such a position. By removing his ability to dodge upwards, K’artu could only watch as the inevitable hand of death came for him. A clever manoeuvre, K’artu would have admitted, had he not been anticipating it.
Given the reaper’s ability, he had expected that a situation like this would happen eventually over the course of the fight. It was sooner than he imagined, testament to the reaper’s skill, but he had a surprise of his own. The reaper reached for his chest but a thin layer of translucent force prevented skin contact between them. The blessing of labour had been activated.
The reaper’s eyes widened as K’artu took full advantage. Actues tried to pull back but K’artu had already planted his feet on the ground, allowing him to deliver a potent blow with all his might to the stomach, charged with the blessing of prestige to boot. The force of the blow sent Actues flying in Xero’s direction, who jumped out of the way just in time. Any remaining furniture in the way was smashed to bits as the reaper crashed into the wall once more while Xero scrambled out the doorway to avoid any further near-death experiences.
K’artu raised his hand to prepare a blast of lightning but he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. Blood dripped down his arm as he realised he had been wounded. A stab from one of the wingblades had connected at the same time of his attack.
‘How peculiar,’ Actues said as he got up. He stumbled a bit, still recovering from the effects of the attack, but was in fighting shape otherwise. ‘I have never seen someone with your abilities before, much less one who looks so human. Do you come from deep space as well?
‘Hah!’ K’artu said. ‘It seems a prerequisite for living here is to underestimate humans. I will revel in showing how wrong all of you are.’
‘Go ahead then, Human,’ Actues said. ‘But I would not be so confident. I will admit that you caught my off guard with a spectacular, but my kind are durable.’ He pointed to the wound at K’artu’s shoulder. ‘Yours on the other hand, do not seem as such. If you are impervious to touch, I need only slice you open instead.’
Actues’ wingblades shot in various directions behind him, each piercing various pieces of furniture and debris scattered across the floor. He flung them at K’artu who blasted them out of the air with the blessing of prestige. However, each object he wasted time on shooting down allowed Actues to close the gap once more. K’artu moved back as he blasted but the gap was shortening faster than it widened. The reaper dodged with graceful swiftness, then jumped to the wall and kicked off from it to increase his speed. K’artu sent another bolt in his direction but Actues leapt straight up, then instantly kicked off the ceiling to spring at K’artu without losing any momentum, making it seem as though the laws of motion did not apply to him.
K’artu rolled out of the way just in time as the wingblades penetrated the ground he had been standing on a split second earlier. He turned only to find more objects being flung at him. On instinct, K’artu discharged another bolt, only to realise what had been thrown. It was a rifle that had been lying on the ground from earlier. K’artu was not familiar with the weaponry of this world, but his instincts told him two things. One, it was the wrong decision to discharge his power at the object carelessly. And two, it was too late to stop doing so.
Time seemed to slow down, as the flicker of lightning infiltrated the core of the rifle. K’artu could see the glowing cracks form one by one, before it finally blew up in his face in a mini explosion. K’artu stumbled back, trying to stay on his feet. The blessing of labour had prevented most of the impact, but it was not the extent of damage that mattered. It was the window of opportunity it created for his opponent.
By the time K’artu looked up, Actues was already upon him. A wingblade slashed across his chest, slicing through the blessing of labour and drawing plenty of blood. K’artu tried to counter with his fists but another two blades stabbed at the exact wound on his shoulder, impaling him against the ground as he grunted loudly in pain. Piercing weapons were more effective against his blessing than brute force, and he was no longer in a position to dodge. However, neither was the reaper. Fighting through agony, K’artu charged up the blessing of prestige once more. Actues realised the trouble he could be in and acted fast. In one sharp motion, he used his blades to drag K’artu across the floor, then tossed him through the partially broken window of Xero’s house. K’artu broke through what remained of the window frame, landing on the cold hard floor outside.
His shoulder and chest wounds were serious, and he could feel his strength fading. He looked over to where he was thrown from to see the reaper approaching, to claim his life. Disregarding his injuries, K’artu willed himself to stand, though he trembled as he did so.
A noise from the side suddenly intruded upon their duel. The sound of a machine-like device powering up. Both Actues and K’artu turned to see Xero holding what appeared to be a huge gun over his shoulder.
‘Hey,’ Xero said, as a green pulse of energy fired from it. Actues’ wingblades formed a shield but the burst still sent the reaper flying for a third time, blasting him down the empty road.
‘Shaman!’ two voices cried out as soon as the immediate threat seemed to be neutralised. One was Xero’s, and the other belonged to Stephen, who had been spectating the battle from outside after driving K’artu to the location in his shuttler.
‘We have to get you to a hospital!’ Stephen said.
K’artu shook his head. ‘No. I doubt he will stay down for long. I will finish this fight.’
‘What? That’s preposterous!’ Xero said. ‘Fighting any longer would be suicide. We have to retreat for now.’
‘Perhaps you are used to the coward’s way, but I will not abandon a duel.’
‘Coward’s way? This is not bravery but stupidity. I will not have you dying on me for no reason.’ Xero took K’artu’s uninjured arm in an attempt to lead him away but he swatted it away.
‘You do not own me, nor do you know the outcome of the battle.’
‘Listen to Xero, Shaman,’ Stephen pleaded, gesturing to the vehicle parked beside him. ‘You must take my shuttler to seek medical attention,
The promoters of surrender were beginning to annoy K’artu, but he did not argue back, for he was alerted to a presence in the area.
Actues had already gotten back up, and stood no more than ten metres from the party of three, but he was not the source of the presence. As soon as the reaper advanced, K’artu heard a familiar metallic sound, the drawing of a sword. He looked up to see a caped figure in a black full body power suit standing on a rooftop above. A helmet with an opaque visor covered its face, while a sword radiating with purple energy filled its hand. The newcomer leapt into the sky, then spiralled down elegantly into a slashing motion at Actues, who blocked with his wingblades accordingly.
‘Thats..that’s the vigilante Midnight!’ Stephen said. ‘What is he doing here?’
‘Saving us it seems,’ Xero said. ‘I appreciate you coming to my aid Shaman, but I would appreciate it more if you would stop being so stubborn.’
The reaper approached their direction but the one known as Midnight cut into his path, slashing with his sword to keep Actues at bay. Midnight was skilled no doubt, but Actues also seemed to have slowed down, the battle finally taking a toll on him. All the more reason for K’artu to continue his fight.
K’artu began to move towards Actues but both Xero and Stephen grabbed him, dragging him back.
‘No!’ K’artu shouted. He tried to resist but could not find the strength to do so, resulting in him being shoved by the two men inside the shuttler.
‘Drive,’ Xero said. ‘I know a safehouse. The rusty shuttler from Sapientown cluttered noisily as Stephen ignited the engine.
K’artu had stopped bothering to protest by this point, but he was far from pleased. He had expected a satisfying victory or a warrior’s death, but it seemed he would be denied the chance at either.
The shuttler finished starting up, its thrusters firing flames as it took off into the sky. The remaining two figures on the road continued squaring off, growing smaller as the shuttler soared higher. K’artu watched with great discontent as the chance to finish his duel gradually disappeared from view.
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2022.01.19 16:59 david2descent Favorite song sam’s ghost scene from Locke &key! Who agrees?

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2022.01.19 16:59 newsdk Se videoanalysen: Det var ikke kønt, men derfor vandt Team Esbjerg alligevel en sikker sejr

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2022.01.19 16:59 theguythatdiditall I think you guys would love this

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2022.01.19 16:59 year3000so New yorkers, What do u like about new york ?

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2022.01.19 16:59 newsdk Trofast venstre-mand er gået over til Lars Løkke: - Egentlig synes jeg, partihoppere er noget, fanden har skabt

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2022.01.19 16:59 kyla___veronica Hey sweetie Would 🥰you be my text buddy? Nothing sexual just texts 😌 and I’ll be giving you $800 twice a week no bank information required😌

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2022.01.19 16:59 Twitch-calausuca Quest for the Legendary Chest #1

I am GoodPeon and in time i will try to find all the Legendary Chests and Setups in solo dungeons.
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2022.01.19 16:59 Debuxed muck lol

literally muck
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