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20f // college student looking for friends :)

2022.01.19 16:29 rrkas4 20f // college student looking for friends :)

It's nighttime where I am but I can't sleep, so if anyone wants to talk (about literally anything) I'd be down - I enjoy meeting people from all over the world :)
I'm 19, I love sports, reading (a lot of fantasy and sci-fi) and movies, also in-person classes haven't started yet so I've been spending way too much time with friends on stardew valley :p
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2022.01.19 16:29 IpadWriter Download google drive files for a former teacher

Hi Admin,
One former teacher emailed me asking to activate his google account for 1 day so he can download his google files. But the leaders don't want to activate the account, instead of asking me to download the files for him.
So, I think I will activate his account and reset the password, then use google-takeout to have all files downloaded. After that, I can share the takeout with him.
Any better or easier way to do?
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2022.01.19 16:29 Toclaw My one card FTK combo

I built a combo recently and it is a one card FTK. It starts with Time Thief Regulator and ends with Catapult Turtle tributing Number 100: Numeron Dragon (with 17k attack). Are there any flaws? Here is the deck list.
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2022.01.19 16:29 OrangePillNews Why Bitcoin Price is Not Pumping Harder YET!

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2022.01.19 16:29 Eddiemherzog Alex Thompson (Alpine F1)

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2022.01.19 16:29 rollingupthehill Stunning sunset over the San Francisco Bay January 18 - OC Mavic 3

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2022.01.19 16:29 GtrPlyr_83 To Les Paul, or not to Les Paul?????

So I've had my Helix since about the beginning of November 2021, and I love it! I am wondering what others experience with different guitars and the Helix might have been, and if perhaps anyone else has had an experience similar to mine?
What I mean is, I've got a Stratocaster (recently re-built/modded from passive SSS to active HSS with an EMG SA, SA, 89 Dual-Mode humbuckesingle-coil), and a Gibson Les Paul Standard (with the same set of Pearly Gates in it that I have had in there since pretty much when I purchased the guitar and decided after installing them, that I had found the way for my Les Paul to sound like the Les Pauls I've always heard in my head and that they will never come out of there. Different pickups might do this for a different Les Paul Standard, but for mine, that's what took it from just another pretty well playing Les Paul to the Les Paul I have always dreamed of owning)... These two guitars behave VERY differently from one and other naturally, but it almost seems as if the gap between the two is even more pronounced when I'm speaking in terms of the way they interact with my Helix. When I swapped my pickups to actives upon re-building my Strat, I figured that this would bridge that gap some for sure, as active pickups are inherently hotter than passives, even when dealing with single-coils as compared to humbuckers. But I was wrong. The swap, actually made my Strat sound even more like a Strat then it had ever done before. Even with the 89 Dual-Mode, I mostly leave it in single-coil mode, in which case still have the entire use of my 5 way blade switch, and the guitar is still essentially a SSS Stratocaster in every way. It is only every now and again, when I want to be able to do some heavier lifting if you will, that I engage the humbucker and use the 89 to it's full wide open capability. Even so, I have gone as far as to create two seperate lists of presets within my Helix, one for my Les Paul, and another completely separate list for my Strat.
It is just one more of the many ways that the Helix shows just how true to reality the models packed inside it really are. I have foud that in my own experience, even when adjusting lows immediately upon selecting most amps, and overly high volume (master and channel levels both) levels as well, still, my two guitars are like night and day, and most every patch for one guitar cannot be played using the other. At least not while retaining anything that could be considered decent tone. The Les Paul, in spite of it's lower output PAF style humbuckers (8.0k neck and 8.4k bridge) still registers WAY hotter with the Helix than my Strat with the EMGs does. I have long since adopted the utilization of the guitar input pad to curb some of the unwanted effects of the Les Paul's hot output, and this has had a very noticeable and positive effect on my overall tone, and made it much easier to get things where I want them to be with the Les Paul. Hell, prior to finding that setting option, I had begun to think playing my Les Paul with the Helix was going to end up being more trouble than it is worth. SO glad I got that worked out, as my Les Paul is by far my number one. Though, between the re-build of my Strat and the fact that the Helix just seems to prefer maintaining an overall lower signal level in general, I have absolutely begun using my Fender quite a lot more than I ever have before, and I have loved finding all the killer tones that can come out of that guitar. Neither of the two can ever be the other. This is why after all these years, both guitars are still selling like hot cakes, because they both do their whole own thing, and there isn't another guitar out there that can duplicate either of them tonally. If you want to sound like a Les Paul, well, you have got to save up some money and purchase yourself a Les Paul. And the same goes for a Strat.
So does anyone else experience this or something similar with two other guitars. And if so, what have been the solutions you have found to make things work a bit better for a hotter guitar? It seems the higher wattage amps within the Helix also work out much better for the Les Paul in my experience. For instance, it would take quite a bit of adjusting of quite a lot of parameters for me to ever get an AC15 to where it would be worth using with my Les Paul, however, when I use the WhoWatt, or the Marshall Super Lead Plexi. However, I can use my Stratocaster and get a great tone within a few minutes, no matter which amp or amp+cab combo I choose.
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2022.01.19 16:29 jordan-tiernan I got a sneak peek at next season's kit

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2022.01.19 16:29 PolPotato7171 Pixel 4 not ringing for phone calls

Hello, I've noticed this in the past but recently it has become a lot more prevalent with my Pixel 4 Just not ringing or even notifying me in anyway that I am receiving a phone call but it still logs the call as having occurred.
I had a phone interview scheduled and I made sure to have the ringer turned on (and made sure do not disturb was turned off) before the scheduled time. Then I spent about 10 minutes staring at my phone waiting for the interviewer to call. I then opened my phone log and saw that there was a call logged on my device but my phone gave zero indication of it what so ever.
Anyone have this issue and what have you done to resolve it? Obviously this is a very infuriating problem especially factoring in the interview situation (Thank god it was only initial and with a administrative person) as I believe first impressions are super important.
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2022.01.19 16:29 ADCarry Found young Simon in Lost. Season 1 episode 5

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2022.01.19 16:29 newsdk Indsatte brugt som forsøgskaniner

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2022.01.19 16:29 matt_iAM VS

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2022.01.19 16:29 AimForTheM00N What lessons have you learned from movies and which movies were they?

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2022.01.19 16:29 Rift3N mhm

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2022.01.19 16:29 Daan_Kengen Stock crash help

Heey so we all know that a crash is coming. I have a few apple stocks (140 each), tesla stocks (880) and VWCE etfs (102,84 each). I want to keep them for a few years, but now I'm wondering if it's smarter to sell them with a little bit profit and buy them again when they're low, or do you think they'll go up soon again?
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2022.01.19 16:28 donregan25 How would you all feel if Verdansk and Caldera were both in the game? Is there enough player base to support both?

I think it would be enjoyable to switch back and forth between the maps. Do they just not want to split up the player base?
Personally, I never felt they had to completely get rid of Verdansk for a new map. I would have preferred if they built some of the POIs from Caldera like Capital and put them into the Verdansk map. I feel like Verdansk was a lot more dense, even the spots between POIs had buildings and small villages/police stations/firehouses. There was a lot more storming houses and rushing between buildings.
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2022.01.19 16:28 linuxbuild Smallest desktop of the day with Linux: Acer Predator G6-710

Smallest desktop of the day with Linux: Acer Predator G6-710 HW: Intel Core i5-6600K CPU, AMD graphics, memory module(s) 16GB, 2 drives (LITEON CV1-8B256 256GB SSD, MAXTOR STM3500320AS 500GB) and 31 more devices.
Kernel: 5.13.0-25-generic
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2022.01.19 16:28 llama_in_a_bathtub Feeling a bit hopeless.

Hi, I suppose tw for some talk about depression and other mental health related topics, but I’m sure most of you can relate.
I was diagnosed with ASD two years ago & at the time, I was so relieved. I felt like it finally made sense. I wasn’t broken! A lifetime of therapy, inpatient care, extreme breakdowns, years-long depressions (aka burnout), eating issues, sensory issues, feeling out of step no matter how much I tried… it all came neatly packaged in a new label that told me that who I am is okay.
I was misdiagnosed, as many afab people, as bipolar type 1 alongside many other dx. I took medications for several years that ruined my life, to be quite honest. With this diagnosis, I suddenly had hope that maybe I wasn’t so “broken” and I had a community.
However, as more time passes, the worse my autistic traits seem to be. I didn’t realize how much I was suppressing until I literally couldn’t do it any longer. I feel like many of the stories of people diagnosed later in life are so similar to mine— we get diagnosed in a moment of crisis, when our autistic traits are unable to be tucked away in a little box any longer. I am unable to do simple tasks that I forced myself to do previously. My energy levels are lower than they ever have been. I cannot handle the degree of work that I would shoulder without blinking previously. To top it all off, some horrible part of me wishes I had ADHD as well, so that I could be medicated and perhaps function.
I don’t know exactly why I am posting this, other than I really cannot seem to get anyone in my life to fully grasp the severity. My therapist is kind, but allistic. She does not ever broach the topic of autism with me despite how many times I bring it up. It always circles back to something else. I cannot change therapists. I feel trapped and alone in this cycle of suffering.
Sorry for the downer post, but I think being honest about the realities of living as an autistic adult is more beneficial than pretending. Does anyone else feel this way? What do you do to alleviate this feeling? How do you take measures to care for yourself? I could use any and all advice and perspectives.
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2022.01.19 16:28 blairstrad Tristina Millz FartDom Slave Takes Fast Farts

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2022.01.19 16:28 nedflandersz Why is this swap giving me back so little of the other token in the exchange? Is it a glitch?

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2022.01.19 16:28 impressao3dbrasil Pessoal que tem ender 3 e instalou hotend all metal. É muito ruim pra imprimir pla? Estou cansada de manutenção que semp...

Pessoal que tem ender 3 e instalou hotend all metal. É muito ruim pra imprimir pla? Estou cansada de manutenção que sempre espana o bloco e ou a garganta, queria alternativas que dessem menos manutenção.
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2022.01.19 16:28 shanooners [skin concern] super dry skin throughout the day - routine below

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2022.01.19 16:28 sharkvannah_ me irl

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2022.01.19 16:28 Georgiecw3 For all Lab lovers

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2022.01.19 16:28 Ben5544477 If someone regrets leaving a company and they feel like they would like to go back to the same company at some point, what's a good duration of time they should wait before trying to return?

For example, pretend I left a company I was at about a year ago and realize I really liked the old company. If I ever wanted to go back, what would be a good duration of time for me to apply to the same company? Would it be anytime, 2 years, 5 years, or longer?
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