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2022.01.19 17:24 SerIlyn Anyone in San Diego never seen Tool before? I have an extra ticket.

My friend bailed on driving down, so I have an extra ticket. I want to give (that means free) to someone who has never had a chance to see Tool before.
I’m heading down shortly and when I get to SD I’ll check the this post and pick someone randomly. Please only ask for the ticket if you have never seen them before. Everyone deserves a chance to see these guys.
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2022.01.19 17:24 PurpleOceadia Once there lived a horny man,

Once there lived a horny man,
Who had himself a master plan,
“The queen herself, I’ll suck her breasts!”
His friends cried “Surely sir, you jest!”
But he did not, for here’s the thing,
He had a friend close to the king.
“My friend, my friend, listen, you must,
for I have found this magic dust.
‘twill itch when placed upon her tit,
I’ll claim your spit can surely cure it.”
“Oh, my friend, you’ve made my day!”
And how much do you ask for pay?”
“100 gold should do the trick"
"It will be paid after I lick.”
And so, it went; just as discussed
He went and spread that magic dust.
With honeyed words, and lots of luck
The king allowed the man to suck.
But when the man was asked to pay
He laughed and cried “Do go away!
for I will not hold up my end,
You have been played, my valued friend!”
“You cheating knave! You will not pay?
You’ll learn to not treat me this way!”
He cursed, he screamed, but then he saw,
The king’s open underwear drawer.
He put dust in his underwear
And said, “My friend can help you there!”
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2022.01.19 17:24 The_Anime_Sage I need a pc case that has RGB and does not have tempered glass.

This may sound crazy but I want a PC case with RGB and no glass to see the inside. I feel uncomfortable putting glass on my desk because I feel as if it would break. I have been looking for a while but I have had no luck finding what I am looking for would greatly appreciate if someone could help me.
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2022.01.19 17:24 Angelzd How do I know if he is over the death of his ex?

I am literally crying right now. My best friend that I've known for 4 years had a girlfriend that died like 6-7 years ago. It was his first love and it was a car accident, after her death I know he thought a couple of years of her and maybe cried and thought „what could've been if“. I understand his loss and I am so so sad because I know that it had a big impact on him.
He told me a while ago he caught feelings for me. For me it was nothing that surprised me, I kind of felt it. But he was more like a best friend to me. Now guess what? I have feelings for him, too. We talk more and more like .. we are in love with eachother. A lot. And I know we are.
I am scared he isn’t over her. I talked to him about his past and he kind of always hesitated about some things. He didn’t tell many people about her. He said he went to therapy shortly after her death, but it was for a short time. I talked to him about her today and I hear the knots in his voice. I am crying so much right now because of course it hurts me to hear that someone I love is hurting (I suppose) and it hurts the hell out of me because the first person that I really love and want a future WITH is maybe not even over his ex. I asked him and he said he is over. I can’t tell if he is lying to himself and to me or if it’s the truth. I am just so, so broken. How do you even know if you are over something like this?
Tldr: Me and my bestfriend are in love but I don’t know if he is over the death of his ex and it breaks me.
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2022.01.19 17:24 Cynophilis Bloom Health (CSE: BLMH) Implementing Health Testing & Screening with Multi-Billion Dollar Co’s Including Netflix, Apple TV+, AmazonStudios, Pepsi, Six Flags and more.

I’ve been accumulating Bloom Health (BLMH.C). I’m shocked it is still unknown being that they have major clients including, Netflix, Pepsi, Apple TV+, amazonstudios, American Airlines, Six Flags, ViacomCBS, and more. The validation from these names was enough for me to investigate it further.
Bloom started out as a major leader in COVID testing, but has transitioned into an Occupation Health company providing on site health care (examples: fitness & drug testing. Health screening such as diabetes, cancer etc. Consulting services. Research. And a recurring revenue model with their SAAS software.).
I’ve listened to a few of BLMH’s interviews on different podcasts and youtube channels. This recent one from last month really covers their rapid expansion across all 5 of their lines of business.
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2022.01.19 17:24 ontotita_x Some Marrakech hookah bar vibes. Enjoy some eastern melodies from ethnotronica, house, deep house and techno while you smoke your hookah! This is the vibe I felt while I was making this one xD P.S You can smoke for 10 hours, don't worry about it:)

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2022.01.19 17:24 Love_my_min_pin Ayyye Philly stickers

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2022.01.19 17:24 transitionb "Making things right" when inconveniences come up?

I am a fairly new host, and we have our 5th group staying with us soon. We have a condo in a large building, and the main lobby is closed due to some broken glass. This throws a wrench into our self check-in process (we have to physically hand them keys now instead of a callbox). Also, we learned there was an inspection occurring during their stay and someone will need to go in and check the fire alarm.

I feel these two issues merits some way of "making things right" - what is that you do when inconveniences like this occur to ensure they still have a comfortable stay (and, sometimes more importantly, don't leave a bad review!)?
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2022.01.19 17:24 TashaLynn1970 Are you taking my pic again Momma? Sigh

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2022.01.19 17:24 lepprechaun Golden State RP

Golden State RP Golden State RP is a relatively new FiveM roleplay server. We're looking for more members to make this server better. We need LEO and EMS/Fire, SAST is currently accepting applications. The server is running and is all set up, we just want more members to make it more fun. Come join us at (NOT esx)
We have
-Active Staff
-300+ Custom Civ Cars
-Custom Cop Cars
-Whitelisted Gangs
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2022.01.19 17:24 PC_Buildin B550 Aorus Pro AX Availability in US?

So I’m in the market for a new motherboard and this one seems to check all the right boxes except for one crucial box: Availability
I can’t seem to find it even listed on most any sites in the US except for here and I’m not familiar with them nor do I know if they’re even an authorized retailer. What gives?
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2022.01.19 17:24 reptilianmonk Made my first shirt! Thanks to you all for tips and tricks.

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2022.01.19 17:24 ElasticMoo For those who use a banneton do you use a round or an oval and does it matter if you use one at all?

Just looking for peoples thoughts on bannetons while I try to figure out what equipment I want to purchase. Will also accept thoughts on lames and bench scrapers.
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2022.01.19 17:24 hughramsey155 [WTS] ULA Photon Custom Frameless 35L X-Pac Backpack
Asking $180: This is the custom color option (added $70 to the $180 base price), with the fabrics listed below.
Small Torso (15":18"), Small Hipbelt (Under 30"), S-Straps
X50 Ranger Green Side Panels, X50 Multicam Black Roll Top, Black VX21 Front Panel, Back Panel, and Bottom Panel.
This pack was used on two hikes but ended up being a little too big of a daypack for us, and so we're trying something smaller.
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2022.01.19 17:24 SmilesForYouRawrXD it's RT spamming good

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2022.01.19 17:24 Dumpster_Sauce A tragic tale of betrayal and loss

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2022.01.19 17:24 SuicideBoySTopFan Hard

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2022.01.19 17:24 Usually_Am What self defense or fight styles do you know and have you ever had to use them to protect yourself or someone else?

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2022.01.19 17:24 burritobilly Best SF Discussion Podcast?

Anyone know of any podcasts that discuss SF books?
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2022.01.19 17:24 ZoolShop These Newly-Discovered Planets are Doomed

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2022.01.19 17:24 Mundane-Yam-3283 Soul knight is actually unplayable for me. Whenever I try to log in it says network error (my wifi is fine as I am able to run all sorts of games fine and soul knightwas working until today) Any fixes?

Soul knight is actually unplayable for me. Whenever I try to log in it says network error (my wifi is fine as I am able to run all sorts of games fine and soul knightwas working until today) Any fixes? submitted by Mundane-Yam-3283 to SoulKnight [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 17:24 IrishPotatoHead Shoot out in MetLife!

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2022.01.19 17:24 AutomaticWriter8307 In the lastest chapter

When Ohma ask the way to Muteba, does he talk about Ed or Niko ??
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2022.01.19 17:24 EwokSithLord My car is a POS, are newer mustangs better?

I have a 2004 V6 convertuble mustang with ~120k miles, bought at 98k miles for $6k. When it works its quite nice. It's red with stripes and a tan roof. It's comfortable and great for road trips.
Today it wouldn't start. It also needs a new catalytic converter. In the past I've replaced the engine $6000, replaced the tires $600, replaced windshield wiper motor $150, replaced alternator and battery $1500, replaced steering rack $900, replaced steering rack again $900, replaced convertible top pistons $500, replaced top (don't remember price), and replaced tie rods and steering arms? Also replaced front bumper when I hit a deer
Point is I'm done spending any more money on this car. I've got enough savings to get something nicer (up to $40k, but preferably lower)
Are new mustangs (2018+) less shitty? I've always wanted a V8, but now I'm wary of American auto. I don't really want to go to a Honda civic, but maybe this is the only way.
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