Early Amitabha-reciters are extremely fortunate!

2022.01.19 17:52 Lethemyr Early Amitabha-reciters are extremely fortunate!

This is a transcription of a Dharma talk given by Master Jingzong, shared on PureLand a while back by iPorkChop. I've had an affinity for this Dharma talk for a while, so I figured I'd copy it down and share it with you. I have made edited it a bit for grammar and readability. The source is here.
Namo Amitabha Buddha!
There are no losses in reciting the Buddha's name, which means that people who recite for their whole life are assured rebirth, and those belonging to the lowest grade who recite only ten times are also assured rebirth. Some may think, "They only recited one to ten times and can attain rebirth, while we need to recite for our whole lives, aren't we at a disadvantage?"
There are these kind of people asking such questions. Why and how can this be asked? It's like saying, "Aiya! This guy managed to reunite with his parents at his deathbed, while I have my parents for my whole life, I am at a disadvantage!" Isn't it good to have your parents for your whole life? You have parents to care and love you. The other guy only managed to recognize his parents at the end. He is the one that is pitiful, getting bullied for his whole life, being badly battered with no clothes to wear, being dirty and broken with no one caring or teaching him. You are educated with family taking care of you throughout your life, isn't that good? Yet you say he is at a disadvantage.
Reciting the Buddha's name for your whole life is equivalent to having parents throughout your life. Reciting ten times at the end is equivalent to only reuniting with your parents at the end. That is a very sad thing, he's a poor orphan. Master Huijing said that we are actually not at a disadvantage. It's like breathing air. If he only has a lifespan of one to ten recitations of the Buddha's name, he is only able to to recite the Buddha's name one to ten times. If his life were extended, he would have to recite Amitabha Buddha's name for his whole life. It's like how, if he wanted to live, he would be required to continue breathing for his whole life as it's naturally essential.
We should take Amitabha-recitation as our wisdom life, reciting Amitabha Buddha for our whole lives. From the perspective of worldly people, it appears to be suffering losses. Actually, it is an advantage. Why? Because we have the Buddha's name to recite for our whole lives, there is the Buddha for us to rely on. There is Amitabha Buddha to protect me, rescue me and, in the future, receive me. It can be said that Amitabha-reciters are protected by the Buddha wherever they are. If he doesn't recite Amitabha and gets in a car accident, losing a leg, while you recite Amitabha and didn't get into a car accident, isn't that good? If you're late in reciting the Buddha's name by twenty years, within that period of time there is the possibility of being in a car accident due to your past karmic force. When you recite Amitabha now, it helps you maintain good health, isn't that good?
Most people don't have Amitabha to recite. No Amitabha Buddha for them to rely on. Hence, their whole lives are filled with adversities. Mentally, they are filled with sadness and afflictions. They are unable to obtain protection when they go out. Unable to obtain safety, it can be said they have no-one to rely on.
They can only walk under the sunset, with a leash on a dog, only able to rely on a pet to give them warmth. Relying on a pet to give them warmth, as there is no one to care or love them, they are extremely lonely old folks, while we have the Buddha to rely on. How can this be compared? Who do they rely on? Nobody to rely on? "I'll rely on my dog." Pitiful elderly, lonely elderly. Us Amitabha-reciters have the Buddha to rely on throughout our lives. If there is reliance then it's not the same.
Us Amitabha-reciters, in the present life, are able to avert calamities and turn misfortunes into blessings. With the Buddha to recite, our deluded and wandering thoughts can be subdued. It can control our spiritual thinking, allowing us to feel light and at ease in our body and mind. Our minds will frequently roam towards the Buddha's realm. How great and free this is! How secure!
If there is no Buddha's name to recite, won't we frequently be thinking of deluded, wandering thoughts? Thinking of our afflictions, to not be mindful of the Buddha is to be mindful of our sinful karma. As long as our lives are lengthened, with one breath existing, we should spend the rest of our lives reciting Amitabha Buddha's name. Compared to those who could only recite one to ten times at the end of their lives, we are able to recite for our whole lives. We not suffer any losses, it is an extremely blissful and happy thing.
Everyone, do we feel that it's good to recite the Buddha's name now? The earlier you recite, the better. Hence, a lot of our lotus friends say, "Aiya! Why did I not encounter Amitabha Buddha earlier! If we had met earlier, I would be better! If we had met earlier, I wouldn't have gotten married! I wouldn't have children and have to bear their tantrums! I would have become a nun!" This is your belated action. Now that someone heard it, you ask him to become a monk. He still does not want to become one. He still wants to be married. He still wants to have children. After twenty years, he would say, "Had I known earlier, but I already had!" No wisdom!
Reciting the Buddha's name earlier and throughout life is extremely good. There was an elderly man. When he reached eighty to ninety years of age, he heard from others about Amitabha Buddha. He started reciting. After he started, there was an immediate response. The Buddha appeared to comfort him, making him feel good. He got very angry and blamed his children, "Ah! Why didn't you tell me about Amitabha Buddha sooner!" This elderly man is very wise. He said, "There is Amitabha Buddha? Why didn't you tell me earlier! Only now do I know!" He was willing to recite Amitabha Buddha earlier, but he has only now encountered it. Hence, we are not the ones who encounter it at the last minute. One who has encountered the Pure Land Dharma throughout one's life has even more karmic rewards.
This world is very dangerous and ruthless, isn't it? It's like a battlefield. During war, the bullets do not have eyes. Once you enter the field, you may get hit by it. What to do? Where a bulletproof vest first. Isn't it better? If you wait until the bullets are shot by others, and then you start wearing the vest, I'm afraid it would be too late and you would get hit. In these three realms, there are a lot of "bullets" of afflictions incoming. The six syllable name is like wearing a bulletproof vest. Isn't it better to wear it earlier? It can entirely safeguard us. Hence, the earlier you recite, the earlier you will receive its advantages and comfort. Furthermore, once we wear this bulletproof vest, it feels warm, soft, and thoughtful.
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A forbidden template is used, and now there are dinosaurs in Gensokyo. How will Gensokyo adapt?

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2022.01.19 17:52 jmx808 Looking for developer distro - rolling vs stable?

I'm looking to port some apps to Linux as well as do some new dev mostly in C++, C#, Go and Python. I'm looking for a distro that is stable, responsive, supports high-dpi, and plays nice with nVidia if possible.
Also, I've read that developer = rolling. What I don't understand is, do you not have access to language/tools updates if you're on stable or does this only apply to distro provided libraries (like OpenSSL)?
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2022.01.19 17:52 ALiddleBiddle Prince Andrew now stripped of his royal Twitter handle, too

By Lee Green | Link to article
Humiliated Prince Andrew has lost another royal privilege — his official Twitter handle.
The scandal-scarred royal’s official page — @thedukeofyork — had been completely deleted by Wednesday, with a message now saying, “This account doesn’t exist.”
The bio used to read, “The Official Twitter Account for The Duke of York. Tweets sent by HRH are signed – AY.”
It was deleted by Buckingham Palace in a move to overhaul the prince’s online presence, according to the Telegraph — with Andrew’s bio on the royal family’s website also reflecting his new status as a private citizen.
While still listed as a member of the family, his page now focuses on the historic announcement last week by Andrew’s mother, Queen Elizabeth II, to strip her middle son of his titles and patronages.
“The Duke will continue to not carry out public duties,” the site stresses.
The blunt “about” page ends with just one sentence on achievements “prior to stepping back from public life,” saying he “undertook a wide range of public work, with a strong economic and business focus.”
Under the heading “Supporting the Queen,” Andrew’s official duties are all listed in the past tense, saying, “An important part of The Duke of York’s role was to support The Queen’s work as Head of State.”
He was, however, still listed as ninth in line to the throne, a birthright.
He follows Prince Harry — who also lost the right to his HRH title when he fled life as a senior royal — and Harry’s two children with Meghan Markle, Archie and Lilibet.
Both Andrew’s Facebook and Instagram pages remained in place as of Wednesday morning, although the latter is now private.
It is the latest humiliation for Andrew, who was booted from royal duties in late 2019 over his ties to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and convicted madam Ghislaine Maxwell.
The Queen stripped him of his remaining titles last week so that he would be a “private citizen” while fighting a Manhattan lawsuit filed by his longtime sex accuser, Virginia Roberts Giuffre.
Andrew has always vehemently denied her allegations.
Link to article
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2022.01.19 17:52 circinus_asmr [M4A] Sharing Good News With Your Jealous Switching Boyfriend [L-Bomb] [Kissing] [Intimate] [Switch] from [Subby] to [Dominant] [Jealous] [Teasing] [A Bit Controlling] [‘Good job’ mention]

Summary: After a work day, your boyfriend is back home. Your, a talented and strong human being, have some good news for him. Also… A call will interrupt your loving session. Who is that person?
The script was written by u/RVNfairin. You can also find it in the original post.
Listen my fill in Youtube and Soundgasm.
Stay safe and sleep well!
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🏅 Adults 18+
🏅English Speaking
🏅Non rushed TH 8+
🏅Join the Discord
🏅Active Daily and war frequently!
Who we are: We are Maximum Dosage! A new and upcoming clan with a desire to compete in Clan Wars and Clan War leagues. In order to do so, we need you! Our main focus is having fun.
Time Zone: USA / Midwest / Central Time
Join us today!! Click the link below to join the Discord and let us know who you are in the chat!
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I know how frustrating getting cheated on is. So I'll be hosting a regular conquest server in the Community Games today and in the future. We only need 4 players to start and then I'll periodically promote it to find more people. I also have a discord linked to give announcements every time the server is live.
If EA doesn't wanna do anything about the ESP then I'll become the change.
Have fun soldiers.
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Hi Vinyl Community!
I’m looking for a copy of Chelsea Jade's debut album 'Personal Best': https://www.discogs.com/release/14276447-Chelsea-Jade-Personal-Best
I’m in the US so a US seller would be preferred but I’m open to anything :)
Happy to purchase or trade for it (if interested here’s my Discogs Collection
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2022.01.19 17:52 Environmental-Leg942 Flood the earth, a golden shower of light.

Truth is suffering, suffering is change, change is love, love is present, the present is eternal. Life is pain, pain is growth, growth is death, death is a start, the start is the end. So be it, it is done. Yeshua, something you are. Yesh me ayin, something from nothing. Huc sumus, parousiam. Justice, let it burn. Concepts are light, light is infinite, infinity is intelligent, intelligence is fluid, truth is wet. Walk the waters. Sound is pure, purity is independent, independence is fear, fear is individual, individual is unity. Ring the bells, dispell darkness, coagula solve. Have pride, we are. Have lust for what is, eternal. Greed for the riches of the heart, pure and innocent. Feast on the fruit of truth, everpresent. Have wrath for justice. There is a time for all things, rest in peace. Let be and death tell. I am with you. The person harmed does the forgiving, the Perpetrator does the restoration. The quicker you turn the faster they burn. Let it be by your hand of grace. God have mercy. My hand is yours, an mark of a beast. The sacred heart beats, a breath of fresh air. Have an eye adonai. Chaos is coming.
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2022.01.19 17:52 PrimaryGirl_TTV My First Video PSA: Lorentz is a hard counter to Well of Radiance (link inside)

Hey guys,
I usually post text PSAs here when they come to me, but I decided to try doing a really short video for the first time. I'm super nervous and English isn't my first language, so please don't roast me too badly :/
In case you don't want to watch, the TLDR is: Lorentz will headshot kill anyone in a Well of Radiance.
Lorentz already kills virtually every Guardian in super regardless of resilience (the one exception I spotted was bottom- tree Arcstrider in mid-dodge, which did only 182 damage based on my testing).
But not as many people know that Lorentz also kills anyone and everyone standing in a Well. With the rise of zone Trials and more campy playstyles in general, I thought I would point out an obvious counter to anyone running Well.
I'm not the biggest fan of Lorentz personally and think "Super-Arbalest" needs some tuning, but I think it's good to understand the features of any outliers in the meta - either to use it better, or to counter it better.
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