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Tattoo Tipping

2022.01.19 17:13 Particular-Bobcat-83 Tattoo Tipping

Hello! I am thinking of getting a new tattoo that ranges from $100-$150, what’s a generous tip amount to leave a new artist (-:
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2022.01.19 17:13 dummythiccdoge who made this and why!? does this not belong here? i have no idea

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2022.01.19 17:13 UnrivaledAcquitance Outjerked by FotMob

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2022.01.19 17:13 AnanasMecontents PCR test at CVS results

Hi I'm flying to Canada on the morning of the 31st. I need to have a valid PCR test no more than 72 hours before my flight. Does anyone have any experience in how long it usually takes to get my test results from them?
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2022.01.19 17:13 AvatarKittie Cheapgraphicnovels shipping question

I am typically an InstockTrades but for reasons I'm not going to get into, I went ahead put 2 orders with CheapGraphicNovels. Its been about 9-10 days since I got the shipment email. The tracking status says "shipment received, Package acceptance pending". Those two clauses seem to contradict each other lol. I have never seen this status before and since the status hasn't been updated since day 1, I am growing concerned as one of the orders was quite large. Is this typical of shipments from CGN? I often go back and forth from my home and my partners home, so i hate when I am unable to track.
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2022.01.19 17:13 dr-ES Workspace

Hey, anybody knows if i can find a place to rent or even free where i can have good internet connection and silence? Basicly am looking somewhere to do my zoom lessons,2 times per week, because my home internet is so bad.
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2022.01.19 17:13 Gae02 I can't believe people are really falling for this troll
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2022.01.19 17:13 Logan777778 One of my first decarbs. Last couple went pretty well. (250f ~20, took out when bubbles seemed to stop and no sight of bubbles. I saw those bubbles as i poured

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2022.01.19 17:13 Urbansoul69 Another Craigslist to Ebay Scam - Christian J Todd is fake

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2022.01.19 17:13 cryptoResQ OpenSwap listed on Nomics
OpenSwap ($OpenX) is now available on Nomics. Nomics provides real-time crypto market cap rankings, historical prices, charts, all-time highs, supply data & more
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2022.01.19 17:13 Tripartist1 Trouble getting wax NFT, cant find the "open pack" button

Any assistance, apparently Ive lost all my wrinkles...
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2022.01.19 17:13 johnjay80 The dedication it takes to get the trick (D.Reyes)

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2022.01.19 17:13 RedFive-O What the heck CG. What am I supposed to do here. Vastly outnumbered in zetas, teams, relics. But hey, I got the best mods. 😡 (and don’t come in here and say “oh just give the matchmaking time” because NO, this is after my SR pulled me up. I’ve already reached the ceiling I knew would come)

What the heck CG. What am I supposed to do here. Vastly outnumbered in zetas, teams, relics. But hey, I got the best mods. 😡 (and don’t come in here and say “oh just give the matchmaking time” because NO, this is after my SR pulled me up. I’ve already reached the ceiling I knew would come) submitted by RedFive-O to SWGalaxyOfHeroes [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 17:13 Squiggy_Pusterdump Internet from outbuilding

Hi there, looking for a bit of advice among the options.
I'm looking to get internet from my garage (where modem/router is located) to my house about 100ft away. For the most part I just need wifi in the house.
What's the best way to achieve this?
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2022.01.19 17:13 mgluser Collaborative art texting

Hello to all members! Would you like to collaborate on the following idea?
this work is created by Asya_Spaceprints( I am not the artist but I have their approval to post their work here.
The idea is that each shares a few sentences of what comes to mind when seeing this work. A story of one or more sentences that stems from seeing this particular picture. I will then gather all the submissions and create a mindgluequest* from them, citing everyone that collaborated.
I will start with my submission in the comments below.

*Mindgluequest is a combination of parcels of content (text) with a map or a mapified image. In this case the above picture will be mapified and the content will be scattered on the map.
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2022.01.19 17:13 Numerous_Republic158 Please review, first profile ever

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2022.01.19 17:13 ThexOne209 Since you guys liked opal so much last time... Here she is when it was snowing during Christmas. She doesn't really like the snow

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2022.01.19 17:13 Blackpanda3231 jealousy issues or something else???

So me [F21] and my bf[M24] have been together for a year now and it's been long distance. We met for the first time in july of 2021 and while I was with him I noticed a message from a female friend of his. Before we got together he told me he had a female friend who he spoke to every now and then. I didn't have an issue with it. Until I saw he double texted her saying "hi" and she didn't respond so he texted her again later that day saying "hey what's up?". And that just pissed me off because he never double texts his guy friends they're always the ones to call him up or text him first. So for him to be double texting her and talking to her everyday is bothering me. Me and him spend all of our available time together on the phone but he's always talking to her. I have a feeling something is there but won't know for sure until he comes again and I can confront him about it. idk what to think.
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2022.01.19 17:13 MsxReality Tiger Singing And More SUS - Multiplayer Horror Game | Dead By Daylight

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2022.01.19 17:13 educationalasmr ASMR on a Chalkboard! Today we look at a RHOMBUS. That's right, a RHOMBUS!

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2022.01.19 17:13 Jealous-Category304 Hunting and selling pelts in RDR2

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2022.01.19 17:13 NikSCamp CreatureHEDZ - ProfileZ - 004

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2022.01.19 17:13 Donsdeks Should I [M24] not talk about how much I hate my dad with my mom?

He's a piece of shit. He's been physically abusive in the past, treats people like they're mentally handicapped, would never admit he's wrong, thinks the whole world is against him, blames shit he does on other people, is a liar, thinks people should listen to him like a dog. etc etc. You know the deal. It goes without saying that I'm sick of living with him and I plan to move out some time next year.
It always really hurts my mom when he does his insane shit and I go against him. She doesn't want to see us fight and feels the need to defend him because she wants to make it seem like it isn't the completely one sided situation it actually is. Like we're both at fault so I don't have a reason to remain angry at him.
But I want to talk to her about this, It feels awful having to pretend like this shit is normal. I just want to get that shit of my chest. I'd obviously pick my words carefully but I know this would be devastating to her so I've largely kept my mouth shut all these years. I don't think he deserves everyone kissing his ass all the time regardless of his behaviour.
Should I talk to her about how I feel? Or is it better not to unload my bullshit onto her and keep it to myself a little longer until I move out and the problem largely sokves itself?
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2022.01.19 17:13 Ok-Presentation-9490 I heard there's an unused song for Lord x and this what i think what it would look like

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2022.01.19 17:13 memmar21 Temen kosan pencuri

Halo teman - teman.
SORI BACAANNYA AGAK PANJANG HEHEHE Jadi gw barusan pindah ngekos ke daerah jawa barat (baru 2 mingguan), kosan gw dalem gang, dua lantai yang dimana lantai 1 isinya wc dan dapur, lantai duanya ada 3 kamar kos, 3 kamar ini diisi oleh gw, si B dan C, ibu kos dan keluarganya tinggal dirumah terpisah +- 1 menit jalan kaki dari kita.
nah pas awal pindahan kemari cuma 1 kamar yang terisi selain gw (Kamarnya si B/pencurry) dan gw dapet vibes dari dia kalo disini "longgar", kita kekeluargaan gaperlu nutup pintu kamar karna aman gitulah, karna dia sehari2 seperti itu dan untuk mengakrabkan diri gw ngikut juga
Nah selama dikosan ini gw ngalamin 2 kejadian berikut :

  1. Selembar seratus ribu didompet gua hilang.
Ini terjadi antara hari ke 4 / 5 gua dikosan ini ( minggu lalu) , gua gabisa pastiin kapan kejadiannya karna pas dihari kelima baru gw sadar uang gw berkurang pas mau bayar cukur rambut dan gw gaada cek dompet semenjak hari keempat.
Salahnya gw disini gw suka tidur siang gatutup pintu, dan dompet gw diletakin gitu aja diatas meja samping pintu kamar. Setelah kejadian ini dompet selalu gw amankan entah gw mau tidur ato kaga.
Gw otomatis curigain dia, dan disaat bersamaan mikir yakali dia nyuri karna posisinya disini cuman kita berdua, gampang banget buat gw curigain dia kalo dia ngambil gitu. Akhirnya gw okein ke diri gw kalo mungkin uangnya jatuh atau abis kepake tapi lupa walau rada aneh karna gw abis narik di atm jadi gw ingat banget ada berapa lembar 100ribuan di dompet gw.
  1. Galaxy Buds gw ilang
Baru kejadian tadi pagi, jam 6 lewat gw bangun tidur dan kaget ketiduran make buds, gw matiin budsnya dan gw letakin diatas kasur casenya, gw keluar kamar otw wc mau boker, didepan kamar gw si B ini udah bangun lagi buka2 jendela dan pintu teras, gw otw ke wc (pintu kamar ga gua tutup emang gw goblok) dan begitulah.
Setelah selesai gw naik keatas nyender2 diteras lt 2 sambil denger musik pake earbuds biasa, pertengahan lagu tiba2 musiknya berhenti ternyata konek ke bluetooth galaxy buds gw (buat yg gatau, galaxy buds ke hp samsung bakal langsung connect kalo casenha dibuka), gw cek kekamar kirain jatuh jadi casenya kebuka gitu ternyata udah gaada. Pas kejadian ini si B conveniently lagi dikamar entah ngapain, setelah koneksi bluetooth budsnya disconnected si B keluar kamar buat bikin energen.
Aku langsung nanya ke dia "liat buds gw ga", dan kentara banget dia pura2 bodo , macem gatau apa itu buds padahal sebelum kejadian itu dia ngeh ngeh aja. Akhirnya gw dihantam dengan kalimat "mungkin jatuh ingat2 dulu taro dimana" sembari jalan sok sibuk entah kemana padahal tadi lagi bikin energen.
Seharian ini gw ngotak ngatik kamar nyari itu earbuds walau gw tau dia ada apa2nya dengan buds ini tapi gw gamau percaua karna orangnya baik men, suka bagi2 kopi snack gitu2 dan suka ngobrol.
Tadi malam jam 8an dia sesuai kebiasaan nelpon pacarnya, anehnya yang biasanya dia nelponnya ber-loudspeaker dan sambil duduk disofa depan kamar, malam ini dia dikamar dan suara lawan bicaranya ga kedengeran, dan gw memutuskan untuk cari bukti kalo dia emang ada apa2nya, aku force connect bluetoothku ke buds yg lagi dia pake, walau agak susah karna dinding kosan tebel, gw akhirnya jinjit2 deketin hape ke ventilasi kamar si B sambil connecting ke bluetooth gw dan, BERHASIL ! Buds gw beneran connect, dan dia yg lagi nelpon karna budsnya nyambung ke gw jadi di force ke loudspeaker, selama 1 detikan gw dengar jelas suara lawan bicaranya. (Gw ada screenshotnya tapi gatau gmn posting dimari, pake link ribet).
Nah jadi sekarang gw bingung bagaimana kelanjutannya, apa gw confront langsung ke orangnya, atau gw lapor ibu kos dulu. Masalahnya gw orangnya sangat anti konfrontasi, jantung gw bakal detak kencang banget dan gw jadi gugup, ya begitulah.
Ya monetary value yang dicurry sih lumayan (100k + 400an k), tapi ga begitu gw pusingin, yang gw pusingin adalah gw harus satu kosan sama yang klepto gini, mau pindah udah pw dan tarif perbulannya pas banget ama bajet gw.
Jadi sekali lagi, apakah gw confront sendiri ? (Orangnya agak militan gitu di kampus walau kurus, aktif di karate walau main Kata doang kaga berantem, dan agak unexpected sepertnya reaksinya kalo disudutkan) atau gw diskusi ama ibu kos dulu dan cari jalan sama beliau ?
TL:DR Gw tau temen kosan gw abis nyuri uang gw 100rb dan galaxy buds gw dan gw gatau how to go about it.
submitted by memmar21 to indonesia [link] [comments]