Does NASA use the standard or metric system for measurements or a combination of both?

Neptune is the eighth and farthest-known Solar planet from the Sun.In the Solar System, it is the fourth-largest planet by diameter, the third-most-massive planet, and the densest giant planet.It is 17 times the mass of Earth, slightly more massive than its near-twin Uranus.Neptune is denser and physically smaller than Uranus because its greater mass causes more gravitational compression of ... This standard makes use of both U.S. Customary Units (US) and the International System of Units (SI). The latter are shown within brackets ([ ]) or in appropriate columns in tables and figures. The measurements may not be exact equivalents, therefore, each system must be used independently. Tailoring Understanding ocean-atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO 2) fluxes in the Southern Ocean is necessary for quantifying the global CO 2 budget, but measurements in the harsh conditions there make collecting good data difficult, so a quantitative picture still is out of reach. Long et al. present measurements of atmospheric CO 2 concentrations made by aircraft and show that the annual net flux of ... The UK itself began metrication, the process of switching all measurements to the metric system, in 1965. It still hasn't fully completed metrication, but the modern UK is an overwhelmingly metric ... SAI Global Standards & Legislation provides 1.5 million Standards from 350+ publishers. Find your standards for APAC now & achieve strong business performance NASA’s Lost Spacecraft The Metric System and NASA's Mars Climate Orbiter. The Mars Climate Orbiter, built at a cost of $125 million, was a 338-kilogram robotic space probe launched by NASA on December 11, 1998 to study the Martian climate, Martian atmosphere, and surface changes. The History of the Metric System: from the French Revolution. – Driven by a growing frustration at the chaos that had previously existed in the country (with many hundreds of thousands of units of measurement, varying from village to village, owing to the lack of true national standardisation), the French scientists of the late 18th Century created the first practically-implemented version ... The standard value of gravity, ... Differs from metric photography in that measurements are not a prime requisite. AND In Boolean algebra, the operation of intersection. And, Andr. ... The constants in Table III were recommended for use in trajectory calculations for NASA programs by the Ad Hoc NASA Standards Constants Committee May 16, 1963.

2022.01.19 16:29 MrGuttFeeling Does NASA use the standard or metric system for measurements or a combination of both?

I notice in their live coverage they use miles but in the mirror adjustments it is using metric (mm instead of inches). Wouldn't it be easier to just stick with metric?
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2022.01.19 16:29 Divinchy Only 4 States Have Regained All the Jobs Lost Since the Pandemic. They’re All Run By Republicans
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2022.01.19 16:29 SMHGamerz Old meets New

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2022.01.19 16:29 MoThePro947 Is the lunatic cultist immune to the ichor flask?

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2022.01.19 16:29 Rodeo4613 Just your everyday GTA SA fan.

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2022.01.19 16:29 unavailabIe_username [WTB] Aero 30mm SPR Mount $50-60 (CA)

$50-$60 depending on condition.
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2022.01.19 16:29 pesosamurai Drawing Character Challenge

Drawing Character Challenge
I am not an artist and I have nowhere to share it, so here am I. Hope you enjoyed it. <3
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2022.01.19 16:29 MilitaryConnect Motion to Dismiss = DISMISSED

01/19/2022 17 ORAL ORDER: The Motion to Dismiss (D.I. 10 ) is DISMISSED as moot. Ordered by Judge Richard G. Andrews on 1/19/2022. (nms) (Entered: 01/19/202201/19/2022 17
I believe this is because Samsung Amended It's Complaint.
Thoughts ?
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2022.01.19 16:29 Interesting_Strain76 Covid test at Jesse Owens if no longer a student ?

I just graduated in December & need one kind of soon, am I able to still test at Jesse Owens?
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2022.01.19 16:29 AdamElam Beautiful but accidental crystallization

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2022.01.19 16:29 ViolinistPublic1865 el trod

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2022.01.19 16:29 manjooie First custom loop!

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2022.01.19 16:29 schmoedownfan who will be on the den next year?

if you were in control on top of harper and saul
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2022.01.19 16:29 No-Feed-6298 How to better preserve classic chrome lightsaber hilts?

So I’ve started collecting classic lego Star Wars sets, the chrome lightsabers are beautiful but I heard after a while they start to chip and wear out. I’ve noticed two of my chrome hilts are starting to have some green/yellowish spots to them, I’m assuming it’s the start of the chipping process, any tips on how to keep them in decent condition for people who’ve had them for a long time?
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2022.01.19 16:29 sadaliensunderground Do I need an apostrophe?

Without giving too much detail, my last name happens to be a very common fruit. But for reddit, ill say its Grape.
I am trying to finalize a logo for my cookie business. In the business name, id like to use my last name. Would I use Grape's Cookies or Grapes/Grapes' Cookies? Do I need an apostrophe or is it not needed?
Google leads me to confusion about possession but I would be the sole owner if for any reason that helps and I want to ensure I am grammatically correct as possible
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2022.01.19 16:29 LogicalFlatworm2015 IJW: Chaos Walking (2021)

Saw a YouTube video of 2021 box office bombs on Mr Sunday Movies. Chaos Walking, with Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland, was one of the movies that bombed really badly. I didn’t even hear about this movie until Mr Sunday Movies brought attention to it.
The movie is based on a book series I believe. I’ve never read the book or know much about it so I can’t say whether the movie is the same as the book. From what was described about the movie it’s about a world where you can only see mens thoughts, known as “the noise.” I won’t go much into detail about it and recommend you watch it for yourself.
I looked up the reviews of it and well they’re bad. Lots of them see this as a sexist misogynistic movie because it’s a planet where you can hear mens thoughts. I don’t believe they actually watched the movie though just read the description of it and based it off that.
My review of the movie is that it’s really good. Yes it is a planet that reveals men’s thoughts. The men become insecure about it though as anyone would, particularly the mayor. What you find out throughout the movie is actually sad. I guess I see the movie as a way to bring forth how toxic masculinity can have an affect on everyone and you’ll see why. Overall, I hope they continue the series, if they still plan on it, to go deeper into this world and give more background of the planet’s current nature. I recommend anyone deciding to watch it to go in with an open mind. It’s currently on Hulu to watch if you have a subscription.
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2022.01.19 16:29 Nesurfr Happy January 19th

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2022.01.19 16:29 vnessxa My EX (M24) says I am dangerous and he never wants to see me again. I am really confused and want to resolve this

I’ll try and make this as short as possible. We was together for a year. Met in June 2020. At first he was everything I wanted, seemed kind, only wanted me etc. Although I look back now and little things don’t make sense. He asked me about my past dating history on our first date, I answered, and he made me get out his car and told me I had upset him. He messaged when he got home and said ‘he was joking’. Around a month after he surprised me by taking me to a restaurant, on the way I guessed which restaurant. He got so angry. Got out the car, started kicking curbs etc. He said after he calmed down that sometimes he gets like that and only his mum can calm him down. It was weird.
Over the course of the next few months, he would call to say he was worried he would hurt me. He would say he didn’t want a label. He would say he felt pressure. I tried to be as lenient as possible. I put no pressure. In an argument he said he wanted me to cook/clean more when I visited him. So I did. I done everything. Bought food, ingredients, baked, cooked. Stayed up til 2am cleaning whilst he slept. Still didn’t feel good enough. Each month, almost on the dot he would end it with me. He would say I didn’t massage him, didn’t do something when I said I would. He would tell me he wanted other girls and to have sex with them.
I would spend days crying, heartbroken. One time he made me leave his place at 3am knowing I lived 1hr away and don’t drive. He never said sorry for anything and each time I tried harder and harder to gain his respect. January 2021 things got better, less arguments but still getting accused of cheating and having ‘an agenda’. I put up with it. To my surprise he asked to move in together in March 2021.
We did but the arguments started. He didn’t like the rug I laid, didn’t like being with me all the time. He said he felt trapped. I heard him talking about other women to his friends and I got upset. He said I was controlling. He tried to force me to leave our new lease 3 weeks in, when I wouldnt; he called our landlord and told them I was abusive. He moved his stuff out but was back within 4 days. In this time he found my family on social media and messaged them telling them I was crazy and needed help.
He ended things officially on my birthday 5 months ago. He moved out, wouldn’t talk to me. Said I was dangerous, said I was crazy. I felt so low and I was on the verge of a mental breakdown. He didn’t care. He would block me, unblock me. Block again. This happened for months which made me more upset. When I would text him he would say I’m harassing him etc.
After 2 months of trying, I stopped. And he coincidentally needed to stop by the flat to look for something. He came over and he complimented me; told me I looked nice, asked for a hug. One thing lead to another and since then it’s been a FWB situation.
Our lease ended in October and I moved out. Since then we have been going to hotels to see eachother but he still says all the time he doesn’t want to see me again. Just to change his mind. In this time he will get really angry, tell me to not text him. To not call. Usually a few days later he will be ok and we will see eachother. But this has happened 5 times since October.
2 weeks ago I saw him. He wanted to order food and wanted me to pay as usual. I said no, for the first time. He got up, left, told me I hadn’t changed and was a liar. I got upset and tried to ask him to stay and talk. Since then he has said he never wants to see me again and that he doesn’t like my behaviour when I get upset because I reacted when he said he would leave?
I really do love him and it hurts that he thinks I’m a nasty dangerous person when all I’ve ever done is love him and bend over backwards for him. I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried to remove him and not want him but I can’t
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2022.01.19 16:29 Tactful_Memory5 Timothy Weah on in the 68' for Lille

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2022.01.19 16:29 Any-Painter-5366 Best tits in the universe

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2022.01.19 16:29 thatguyykc Extend Controller Range

I have a matrix system in my house where I can play xbox on any TV in my house, but the controller does not work on my patio. Has anyone found a solution to extending the controller range?

I have the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Elite controller Series 1.
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2022.01.19 16:29 roach_127 Found in Farm Field. We farm in Southeast South Dakota. Is it Native American?

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2022.01.19 16:29 TimHuls If i’m correct the first pic is a male and the second is a female right?

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2022.01.19 16:29 Anything-Complex All swimming animals skinny dip

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