Anyone want to buy one of season tickets? My ticket partner is moving

2022.01.19 17:03 5011617609122 Anyone want to buy one of season tickets? My ticket partner is moving

I have a pair in left center bleachers. Low row on the aisle. Ideally I would like to sell one of the seats outright for the entire season at cost. I would talk to my ticket rep to get you account access so you could manage your seat (sell/turn in for credit etc.) or even make payments directly to Rockies rather than me be the account rep for you. Or I would just transfer you all 81 tickets the day they become available in the account. You would also have first right to my seat if I can’t make a game as well so you would have a pair. I did go to 50 games last year, and I don’t do weekday days or Sundays usually. Let me know sooner than later. We get way better seating options by buying the pair. If I end up renewing just a single seat they said I will have to move up a significant amount of rows that I really don’t want to do. PM me with any questions!
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2022.01.19 17:03 IamJustinMBaileyNo9 Pinball Hunter D Special when bit.

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2022.01.19 17:03 Pitiful_Sense_9241 MONEY TALK BS WALK

I got fraud bible for sale‼️Unlimited hacks get updated daily! Step by step Cali unemployment for sale‼️You get back $30-$50k😮‍💨😮‍💨🙌🏾 $100 Get with me! Not sweating nobody 💯🔥 Only for cashapp come money ready I got y’all
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2022.01.19 17:03 purplbliss weight loss

recently people around me have me pointing out my weight loss and asking me if im dieting etc and it’s made me feel so so insecure. my eating disorder began around 8 months ago and no one other than my boyfriend is aware of it (my boyfriend has been wanting to contact my parents but i havent let him). last week i was at the doctors because of my heart rate and was blood tested for a few stuff. my doc was asking my mam about my diet and if ive lost weight to which my mam replied that yes i have lost weight. (ive lost 30 pounds in 6 months) - (i don’t know if that’s an unhealthy amount). the doctor turned around and asked me if ive been trying to lose weight and i panicked and said no that im just stressed with school but she asked me twice as if she knew i was lying. something in my bloods came back low so now she’s monitoring my heart and my iron and b12 levels. im so scared this is because of my eating. aswell as this - a girl in my class has asked another girl if i have an eating disorder as i’ve lost loads of weight. this girl also asked me if i brought lunch to school ( i came into school late and already ate ). people pointing out my weight loss is really taking a toll on me and i’m trying my best to recover i really am but i genuinely don’t know how to deal with these comments.
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2022.01.19 17:03 dgnbn YÜRÜ BE EREN ABİ BE

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2022.01.19 17:03 wozurd ✅(BRAND NEW) Anarchy SMP [SMP] {Anarchy} {SemiVanilla} {1.18.1} {discord} 📷

Have you always wanted to experience the awesomeness of vanilla or semi vanilla minecraft and no protection plugins, the ability to greif, raid bases & do whatever without being banned or coming across hackers?
You've found the right place! Project: Anarchy SMP is based on the early 2011 minecraft servers that just ran off multiplayer servers and hacked clients were few and far between.
basic donation ranks and donator perks
all players have access to events that drop custom items, there are daily chests that spawn inside bases of donators & around the world for normal players to loot, killing villagers/villager deaths leak coordinates of their locations, /tpa /sethome & a huge powerful dedicated server to support many payers, Active community of almost 100+ in the 3 days the server has been online!
come join the best Anarchy SMP
We offer a nostalgic and new experience compared to other anarchy servers, and you'll love it! is the server IP!
Project: Anarchy SMP is a byproduct of the project: Creators SMP, We have branched off a new server for all the rulebreakers and people wanting a slightly less moderated minecraft experience!
This is the 1.18+ Project: Anarchy SMP for you & your friends!- This server is slap bang in the middle of Anarchy & overprotected SMP servers- No Hacks Semi-Vanilla Semi-Anarchy Server for 1.18+- Play minecraft multiplayer the way it was intended, no limits, no hacks, no cheats. Essentially just enjoy your time, building bases, escaping spawn, joining teams of players, forming clans, factions, becoming a nomad or bringing friends and exploring, pillaging and enjoying the experience in this awesome server.
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2022.01.19 17:03 GilvanioMoura_BR-ES Quando os algoritmos erram feio!

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2022.01.19 17:03 mlgmombanger69 Cerise or piera as a new player with limited resources?

I know the cerise card is good though.
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2022.01.19 17:03 Mammoth-Bet-2405 EPIC verification for GMC registration

I'm an IMG, I got my credentials verified from ECFMG before sitting for the USMLE STEP 1 exam, now I'm appearing for PLAB 2 exam and hope to apply for GMC registration soon.
Can anyone who had been in a similar situation or has any knowledge about it please guide me if I need to pay fees again for my account opening, credential verification, and what's the procedure for it?
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2022.01.19 17:03 smekmaskin jony

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2022.01.19 17:03 GoLetsUwU free onlyfans

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2022.01.19 17:03 GizmoHub CIYCE : 3 MODES GAMING HEADSET TO SOLVE YOUR WIRED & WIRELESS TROUBLES | #Kickstarter | #GizmoHub

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2022.01.19 17:03 L0G1C_lolilover May all the booty be blessed

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2022.01.19 17:03 interoperabilitie Scene 0029

Scene 0029 The Union Ceremony of Gretchen Brack and Yacus Meridian A Connection of Brilliance Ornate Arches of Saint Magna's Basilica in Terraskapore The Bridging of Two Great Houses, Brack and Meridian Points of Affluence Beyond What is Necessary Traditions of the First Solverians Grethen Brack, the Grand Scholar of Xogaell Nine of Diamonds
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2022.01.19 17:03 william_moran When a tile is marked "3(-1)/1/0" ... what is the -1 to food? Can't find an explanation anywhere ...

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2022.01.19 17:03 coolme92 Earn free $10

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2022.01.19 17:03 CriticalPam Starting to look like an old steamer trunk.

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2022.01.19 17:03 Impressive-Jury9122 W/F/L?

Me: Archallium and 1.7k Them: Yohsog
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2022.01.19 17:03 AnytimeFootball Everton vs Aston Villa – Preview, H2H, Line-ups, Prediction | EPL 2021-22

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2022.01.19 17:03 Subdiesion100 Mei toh bas dekh raha hu, Neutral hu mei

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2022.01.19 17:03 MeetShaneek 14 Things you waste money on without thinking

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2022.01.19 17:03 Puzzleheaded_Fig3827 Joel Going Out Like This??!! The Last Of Us Remastered Part 19 (PS5)

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2022.01.19 17:03 Thedumbo109 Idk if this is a repost but here have it

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2022.01.19 17:03 AnytimeFootball Wellington Phoenix vs Western United – Preview, H2H, Line-ups, Prediction | A-League 2021-22

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2022.01.19 17:03 autotldr 'Lord of the Rings' Amazon Series Reveals Full Title in New Video | It's “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.”

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 63%. (I'm a bot)

The "Lord of the Rings" series at Amazon has unveiled its full title in a new video.
In the video, molten metal is seen filling in grooves in a piece of wood while a woman's voice says, "Three rings for the Elven kings under the sky. Seven for the dwarf lords in their halls of stone. Nine for mortal men, doomed to die. One for the dark lord on his dark throne in the land of Mordor where the shadows lie."
The full title is then revealed - "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power." It had previously been confirmed that the show would take place during the so-called Second Age, when the Rings of Power were forged by Sauron.
The title now indicates that the rings will be a major part of the show.
"The Rings of Power unites all the major stories of Middle-earth's Second Age: the forging of the rings, the rise of the Dark Lord Sauron, the epic tale of Númenor, and the Last Alliance of Elves and Men. Until now, audiences have only seen on-screen the story of the One Ring -but before there was one, there were many and we're excited to share the epic story of them all."
The series will be produced by Amazon Studios in cooperation with the Tolkien Estate and Trust, HarperCollins, and New Line Cinema, a division of Warner Bros.
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