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I think it's all just a big joke to the Trumps.

It’s a must-read, but a tough read. ... “Yea — I think a lot of people are making political decisions here,” one member said when asked if threats of violence affected how members of the ... Strategists and onetime party leaders note it's become so common for lawmakers to prioritize their party's line over district needs that it's hardly mentioned. “The old all-politics-are-local ... FILKINS: It's not, but they're all kind of watching. I think it's pretty fair to say that if the U.S. doesn't stay, then the Europeans aren't going to stay. And so I think whatever Biden decides ... 'It's Chaos' as Schools Confront Omicron — After an unrelenting spike in cases, a small but growing list of districts — including Newark, Atlanta, Milwaukee and Cleveland — moved temporarily to remote learning. — The Omicron surge threatens to upend any sense of peace in the nation's education system.

2022.01.19 17:33 DemUnderground I think it's all just a big joke to the Trumps.

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2022.01.19 17:33 Impossible-Soil2264 Is this a real GMT Master II?

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2022.01.19 17:33 SjpaceX is there a way to "silence" people on instagram?

like, not block them, but still appear as each other's follower, but not get messages from them, not get notifications from their stories, not have their photos show up on your feed, etc...?
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2022.01.19 17:33 Complete-Quiet5414 Question to u ⭐

How much subs do u listen per day ? How much time u spend listening to your playlists ? How much topics ?
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2022.01.19 17:33 HiddenAstolfo What do you guys think is the biggest problem of made in abyss?

I'm still on volume 5, so no spoilers please. Btw i'm really enjoying the manga so far
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2022.01.19 17:33 Epsie_2_22044604 A Sentinel-Settlement Update Suggestion

The addition of settlements to No Man's Sky was, in my opinion, a massive step forward, allowing greater options for base-builders, tycoons, and explorers alike. However, I feel like settlements feel too much like a... part time investment.
So, I have come up with an idea for an update that both makes settlement-building more engaging, and builds upon the massively underdeveloped COMBAT pillar of No Man's Sky.
The Big Ones:
- Sentinels are a lot more dangerous -
I feel like Sentinels nowadays are overlooked largely, as they feel less like a serious threat to the player's further exploration, and more like a moderate inconvenience. As a result, Sentinels will now take an active part in ruining your day. Sentinels will now organize into Raid Parties, and will patrol the planet surface, annihilating everything in their path, most importantly, your Settlements.
When Sentinels raid a Settlement, they will do some, or all of three things;
- Destroy your buildings
- Steal your resources
- Kill your citizens
They will continue this violence until a set time passes, and they are satisfied with their attack.
Doing so, they will lower both your happiness level, your population, and your productivity. Worse, more than one type of Sentinel will appear in raiding parties, lowly Scouts will fight alongside Quads, and even a great Walker could join in. The strength of a raiding party will increase as more of different types of Sentinels add themselves to it, going from Raid Strength 1, being a scouting party, to Raid Strength 5, being an army.
A new type of Sentinel will also be added, specialized specifically for raiding Settlements, that being the Sentinel Airship. These are aerial Sentinels, which are actually Sentinel Fighters that descend from space to the planet, and then morph into a more aerodynamic, helicopter-like frame. These are maximum-security Sentinels, equipped with dual railguns, a weapon specialized in taking down structures. As a result, they will only appear in Raid Strengths 4-5.
With all these new additions to how Sentinels operate, it may seem that they are a force impossible to overcome. However, a new addition to settlements helps even the odds.
- YOU are a lot more dangerous -
Settlements now have the option to construct Defensive Structures, adding into a new categorizing system for buildings, being Population, Economy, and Happiness. Defensive structures are designed to protect your settlement from sentinel attacks, and come in four different forms.
- Garrisons:
Allows for the training of Militiamen, who you can arm with multitools, and who will defend your settlement from sentinel raids.
- Defensive Turrets:
Directly engages enemy sentinels, the only system capable of doing meaningful damage to sentinel airships and walkers.
- Fortifications:
Increases the effectiveness of militiamen, and decrease the effectiveness of sentinel walkers, who are simply too large to pass through them.
- Armories:
Increases the effectiveness of militiamen, who can upgrade their weaponry there for higher damage against sentinel invaders.
The strength of your fortifications is dependent on the quality of your soldiers, and the quantity of your defensive structures. This is displayed in the settlement overview menu. After a sentinel raid, however, the strength of your fortifications will be decreased, and you will need to repair your damaged defensive structures, and recruit more militiamen to replace the ones lost. You can do this now from anywhere else in the galaxy, through a new building called the Remote Settlement Broadcasting Array, which can be built anywhere as long as you have 5 metal plates, 2 Resonators, and 2 Antimatter.
Furthermore, the more sentinels your settlement fends off, the less appear elsewhere on the planet, allowing for the planet to slowly become less and less sentinel-heavy. To accelerate the process further, the Cartographer on the space station will give coordinates to a Sentinel Outpost, where sentinels accumulate in preparation for raids. These outposts are defended lightly, but get increasingly more defensive as the fight goes on, when more sentinels are called in. When the beacon at the center is destroyed, it will massively decrease sentinel presence on the planet. For planets with access to gravitino balls, the destruction of several sentinel outposts is necessary to set up base there.
Fending off a sentinel raid will award the player with increasingly large sums of pugneum, the 'blood' of fallen sentinels. Pugneum can now be refined into Pugneum Nanites when mixed with platinum. This is due to the lore, stating that Pugneum can be refined and purified into nanites, so when platinum is introduced into the process, some qualities of Pugneum are retained, including the ability to power machines, which makes it a highly-valued substance across the galaxy. Pugneum Nanites can be gifted to militiamen in order to increase their morale, and further develop the happiness of the settlement, they can also be sold on the galactic market for around the same price as a gravitino ball. They can be traded with scrap dealers for high-quality black market upgrades, with envoys to increase your standing in their respective faction, and with cartographers to grant you free access to one of their sentinel outpost coordinate maps.
- Managing a settlement means something -
Right now, settlements only provide trade goods, and a place to sell those trade goods, however, settlements after this are more dynamic, and get more powerful the larger they grow, like a base, but with more immediate results, and less flexibility.
Settlements now provide units, nanite clusters (processed after sentinel raids), and once it is unlocked, Ship Warehouses. People have been asking for ship customization for a long time, and I believe I can make it work while tying it into a revamped settlement system. In Ship warehouses, nanites or quicksilver can be exchanged for custom starship parts, from engines, to wings, to nose cones, and more. Every once in a while, a premium custom will be released that cannot be bought regularly, and it must be bought with quicksilver. Ships can also be fine-tuned here, with areas for extra storage, and weaponry being available for purchase.
It is now possible to Upgrade Existing Buildings, instead of building new ones. This will increase their output of goods, units, happiness, etc. and will also increase their productivity or population variable. Buildings will change in appearance as they are upgraded, and will grow larger in size.
As more buildings are built or upgraded, your settlement will increase in value, and once it grows past S level, it will advance in scale, and become a fully self-sustaining Commune. Once this is completed, you will be presented with a choice: You can either continue to grow your commune and further increase its value, or you can sell it off to the empire that owns the system, and receive a MASSIVE sum of units. This turns settlements into long-term investments that can rapidly rake up huge profits.
Citizens can now also give Requests to the player at the new Management Office. These act in a similar manner to missions, except the influence gain is gone, and replaced with more valuable rewards. Based on the species that gives the request, it will vary in content greatly. Vy'keen will give more combat-oriented requests, Korvax will give requests for you to scan and explore different planets, sometimes in different systems, and Gek will request for you to either get them a sum of resources, or give someone else a sum of resources.
The Little Ones:
- Sentinel walkers now fall from the sky.
- Missiles have a tracking function on ships.
- Upgraded animations for all sentinels.
- Pulse beam now far less accurate, and more difficult to aim.
- Increased variation in building designs
- Settlement will look damaged after a raid, and will slowly repair itself.
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2022.01.19 17:33 Midnightchickover What is the best medication that you use to help you stay asleep?

I have trouble going to sleep and I also seem to struggle with waking up in the middle of the night. I'm currently on trazodone (50 mg) a night. It helps me go to sleep, but alot of time I only sleep for about 5-6 hours unless I combine it with OTC meds, like valerian root, melatonin, or chemical compounds.
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2022.01.19 17:33 Rick_C-69 Gameboy Advance B button not registering.

Hi All,
I have only recently begun modding my old Gameboys and I'm having a blast!
But I have a Gameboy Advance that has a B button not registering.
So the weird thing is that it registers as 'A' sometimes and sometimes it actually registers as 'B'.
Does anyone know why this is happening?
Does anyone know what points they lead to so I can investigate further and possibly clean up some solder points?
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2022.01.19 17:33 poshbear Genesect Raid add 4094 2094 3141 and 6806 6471 0610

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2022.01.19 17:33 DantoStudioInc Fuck girls and guys who

who lie and say they like you or hug you or some other shit for TikTok views or some shit. Similar thing happened to me today, a girl tried to hug me but I saw one of her friends with their phone up and I was like “Oh hell nah you doin this for tiktok” and turns out I was right, they were filming everyone they tried to do this to. I got lucky that I fought myself in time and didn’t embarrass myself. Watch out their kids.
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2022.01.19 17:33 Folie_Buffaloes My anxiety around having another migraine has me constantly scanning my body for any sensation and I just want to cry

I guess this is just kinda venting into the void to try to get me to my therapy appointment on Friday. I’ve suffered from moderate migraines for about 10 years now. They really started in college and usually could be handled with excedrin. I’ve assumed they are primarily caused by stress, lack of sleep, or dehydration (or all of the above) Every now and then I’d get a pretty severe one that left me bedridden but that wasn’t the norm. About 2.5 years ago I had my first migraine with aura. I was 100% sure I was having a stroke. I called my parents sobbing because I was driving and convinced I was dying. A friend came to find me in a random parking lot and sat with me until I felt like I could see. I had no clue what had happened to me but then I had the worst migraine of my life that evening. This happened again a couple months later. My OBGYN switched me off estrogen birth control and I didn’t have another migraine with aura until a couple months ago. (My regular migraines continued however and during 2020 I had about 7 weeks where I had a migraine almost every day. My doctor basically blew me off but that’s another story).
2 months ago I had another migraine with aura, the first time in 2ish years. And it was terrible. By far the worst experience of my life. My husband almost took me to the hospital. If he hadn’t been home I would’ve called 911. And then I had another one week later. Finally I got referred to a neurologist. He wasn’t really concerned and had me stop taking an allergy medication that apparently has been known to trigger migraines with auras. And then I didn’t have another one into this past Sunday. We had just finished a moderately intense hike and were getting something to eat when it hit. This one didn’t hurt but the visual distortions were extremely distressing especially since I was in a public place about an hour away from a bedroom. It wasn’t the worst experience I’ve had and I actually felt decently okay sunday evening but ever since I woke up Monday I’ve been almost paralyzed with anxiety. I am constantly afraid of it happening again and I spend all day analyzing every sensation. If anything seems threatening my blood just runs cold. I’ve had to talk myself down from panic attacks twice in the past 24 hours. My eyes still feel messed up and I just want to curl up in bed and cry. Not to mention I just feel shitty. Maybe this is still just after effects of the migraine but I’m not sure. Usually I’m better after a day.
I’m now terrified of getting these migraines when I’m driving long distances or far away from home. And well getting them at all. I’m supposed to hike a mountain in a couple months but now I’m just afraid that I’ll have an issue halfway up and over 9 hours from my house. I’m supposed to see the neurologist again soon but no one seems concerned since they don’t happen frequently. I’ve had 3 in 3 months and only had to take mediation for regular migraines a handful of times in that time period, although sometimes I think I push through when I should take medication, so they don’t think I need a preventative medication. But also no one has helped me come up with any sort of mitigation plan. I’m just out here trying to do it on my own. I don’t know. I just feel like I’m afraid of being in my body. I see my therapist on Friday and that should help but for now I just feel nuts. I’m currently working from home so I can hide under my weighted blanket but I’m just feeling defeated. I know I’m lucky these migraines don’t happen more frequently but I wish I knew why they happen at all. Anyway thanks for reading if you did, it kinda made me feel better or wrote all this out.
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2022.01.19 17:33 Wind_Seer Things are starting to get serious in today's Wip Wednesday

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2022.01.19 17:33 TA20220106 Looking to apply again for Software Development, revised a bit from last time, thanks!

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2022.01.19 17:33 Poptimus_Rime Welcome to the PNW, Karson!

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2022.01.19 17:33 DemUnderground The 'Great Resignation': Why a growing number of CEOs are leaving their jobs

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2022.01.19 17:33 Cornstar23 test gifv take 2

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2022.01.19 17:33 Playgurl89 Got a response from Talsey. The white supremacist acting like he ain't or wasn't 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Boy stop...told him to meet me here so I can tell him how I REALLY feel 🤣.

Got a response from Talsey. The white supremacist acting like he ain't or wasn't 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Boy stop...told him to meet me here so I can tell him how I REALLY feel 🤣. submitted by Playgurl89 to loveafterlockup [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 17:33 connorkxo LF: Magmerizer FT: Electerizer

What it says on the tin - I dont want to trade evolve them I just need a magmerizer. I have an electerizer to spare or any other mon that you may need just ask.
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2022.01.19 17:33 GhostBuster711 Trying to post but need some karma!

Hi :)
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2022.01.19 17:33 Orange-Tight Tracking Workgroup file shares

Working with someone that has a workgroup environment, small with 3 PCs. They want to have a shared folder for employees to access files. However, they want to be able to track who accessed which files and when. They want to be able to view such a report easily, so obviously anything native to Windows is out of the question. Any third party tools for this?
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2022.01.19 17:33 FriendswithPoodles I hate food pushers!

“I made this and you have to have some.”
“I made this just for you. You need to eat it.”
Food pushers- I hate that behavior and it’s so endemic in families! If I want to eat something, I will; if I don’t want to, don’t push me to!
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2022.01.19 17:33 CryptoCody115 4 States/Civilizations video based on "200 players create a huge civilization in minecraft". Launching Monday January 24th with around 100 players. Info in comments

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2022.01.19 17:33 qapl1209 NEW Less-Expensive Aimpoint Duty Red Dot Sight [SHOT Show 2022]

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2022.01.19 17:33 ObjectiveGround5 Re-Imagining The Future Of Real Estate With Artificial Intelligence, Data Science And Cyber-Security - Nashira Layade - Executive VP & CTO, Business Services Realogy

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2022.01.19 17:33 AFKA_Nice-Cucumber Might be a new mom all over again

Hello friends, I might be going to have baby no2 (anxious to even write that because I had a v early mc last month). I am a 36yo mom of one 14 year old - we are both ASD and she also has ADHD.
I was talking to my best friend who has two little ones just took them to the library. And I feel anxious. If I can I want to have two more than my one 14 yo, total of 3 kiddos. But the idea of having to get babies into the car and take them social places like the library and talk to people I don't know and all that mom stuff that I found overwhelming last time...it feels like a lot. I can barely speak to strangers now I've stopped masking, I feel like a strange, wooden person when I do.
I am wondering if not doing that (but still doing enriching stuff of course) is bad - especially if the baby is neurotypical?
On the odds, the new baby has a pretty good chance of ASD and ADHD - my eldest has both, my whole family is smattered with (undiagnosed) both, and my husband of 7 years has ADHD himself and autism in his family. I am thinking of taking them out to the park/nature twice a day (morning and afternoon) with visits to friends and family. My husband is high energy so he'll do things like teaching to swim, take them to noisy places etc. I'm not worried about a neurodiverse kiddo, more the opposite! What if I raise them 'odd' because I am autistic?
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