Playing with a friend

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2022.01.19 17:29 Tmatershow Playing with a friend

So me and a friend want to play some Madden 22 together but not against each other. And we know that you can't play against bots because EA sucks and got rid of that feature, so what mode could we do 2v2 and have the best chance to vs someone? Note: we're on PC (if that makes a difference)
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2022.01.19 17:29 UnderstandingSilly26 What have i done?! (thanks to u/jong9999 for the template)

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2022.01.19 17:29 Escape-From-Samsara Trippy Psychedelic HD Video - [20 minutes without repetition] - Deep Atmospheric Music

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2022.01.19 17:29 computergeek66 (Selling) Shang-Chi 4K

Shang-Chi 4K MA - $8 I take Paypal Friends and Family
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2022.01.19 17:29 the_lil_homies Man I feel so helpless and lonely

My “friends” or at least people who I thought were my friends are being so mean and horrible to me. I haven’t done anything to them. They exclude me in group discussions , they probably have a separate group chat without me they put me down and I just feel so bad and alone because I’ve been nothing but nice and I buy them gifts and I put so much effort for them. And it hurts my feelings to be walking towards them only to see them whispering and laughing while looking at me. And when I ask them what’s the joke they ignore me. Or maybe they say something derogatory and when I say I didn’t appreciate it I get hit with “why are you so sensitive can’t you take a joke?” Yes I can take a joke. But making fun of my insecurities for entertainment is not a joke. Jokes are meant to be funny.
The worst thing for me is I know finding new friends is probably going to be such a struggle so I always think to myself I should just force myself to live with the bullying because i have nowhere else to go.
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2022.01.19 17:29 joshimuspr1me It is easier to farm roubles for THICC Item Case trade-in than it is to farm an FIR Ophthalmoscope. Change my mind.

I've already farmed enough roubles and bought two THICC Item Cases through roubles than I have had luck in finding an FIR Ophthalmoscope. Tried every map - woods, reserve, interchange - nearly impossible to find one of these things cause loot has been nerfed on every map but Lighthouse.
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2022.01.19 17:29 Ok_Boat_3375 Hi #LiisaKing, when is the TYDE Crypto divided coming up, Help us get over these sleepless nights, 🌙 🌚 😀

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2022.01.19 17:29 Upper_Description378 Cloudy Rain Sounds for Sleep and Relaxation

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2022.01.19 17:29 IlikebubbleTea90s Miss this game I only played outbreak btw

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2022.01.19 17:29 stratman2000 Pharmally it happened to me 🎵

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2022.01.19 17:29 djgotyafalling1 At this point, I don’t care what happens except I hope he learns to love himself.

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2022.01.19 17:29 KateHanami the way this person names the computer storage

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2022.01.19 17:29 Cweeperz I often draw characters with goggles like these, where a mesh cover the lens, but I never knew why it's a thing, and I just do it for aesthetics. Does anyone know if this has a basis in reality?

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2022.01.19 17:29 StphnMstph Questions on the Shadhiliyya Sufi Communities from American Muslim

Salam Alaykum yall
I am a Muslim from South Carolina who is very interested in becoming a murid of the Shadhiliyya and recently I came across a website for the Shadhiliyya Sufi Communities which has a group in Asheville NC which is only an hour from me. But the website is incomplete and there is no contact information for them. They are based around the teachings of Shayk Sidi Muhammad who passed away in 2015.
Is anyone in this group affiliated or have any experience with this Shadhili group? Or does anyone want to offer any insight or opinion about them.
Jazakallah Khair
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2022.01.19 17:29 Bi-secting_mylife My journey so far - acceptance

Hello Everyone!
There's not real question here, just more of a way to write my feelings and introduce myself. Thanks for reading! If you want to share any thoughts or parallels to my story, please feel free!
So I recently posted on asktrans about where I was with my identity and got several replies suggesting that I may be trans. I've been thinking more and more about it and I am finally accepting that I indeed am trans. I'm still figuring out exactly how I reflect that on the outside and what it means long term. I am 34 so I feel a little rushed to figure it out, but I have to be patient.
I feel like this feeling has been so suppressed for years. My upbringing taught me to be super guarded, stoic, no emotions which really covered a lot of my true identity up. Disobeying what my parents wanted was very hard for me to do. So I sought the route of appeasement.
That appeasement translated into my appearance and gender identity. I would do things that would be expected of me by others. I also sought the approval and love of my parents. I felt they were the happiest of me when I accomplished what they put in front of me. Things like you should play high school football, shot-put/discus, of course you should do weight lifting, and so on. I felt like anything that wasn't expected of for a high school boy to do, that I couldn't even consider it.
I feel like I've tried to keep my physique because it's what others find attractive. I always had body issues and self confidence issues and never truly found the root cause. I think I'm finally on to it.
I was looking online at women's bathing suits the other day and stumbled upon one I really liked. What really surprised me was this butterfly sort of feeling that I got when I was looking at the model's body and imagining it was myself in those clothes. I never experienced something that strong before even thought it was a really cute tankini!
I've been playing around with makeup for several months and enjoy that too.
I told my partner the other day that I want to buy and wear women's clothes and she was super supportive. We watch a lot of RuPauls' dragrace. But I don't think it came from a place that it's because I feel there's a girl inside me. I sort of had the discussion the other night, and it was really really hard to even tell her. It was quite the water works situation.
She's still supportive, but has said it's been a lot for her to process too. Which I'm sure it is. She's been great, we actually went shopping yesterday and I bought some clothes that I'm wearing right now! Huge accomplishment!
Sometimes I freak out because I envision myself presenting as a women in front of everyone I know in life and it's really scary. I have to remember to take a step back and that it certainly isn't that way and that I can control who gets to see what. It just sad that some people may not see who I am truly at my core.
Thanks for listening and for the support!
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2022.01.19 17:29 tjnw17 oh man, this hits way different now 🥶

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2022.01.19 17:29 Xub543 What kind of insect is this and how to make my home unattractive to them?
They remind me of earwigs but not sure that's what they are. I see a lot of them outside, inside by my front door, but also around patio door sliders.
Southeast PA
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2022.01.19 17:29 ArikAuthor New Book next week.

My preorder Quicksilver on Audible releases in a week on Tuesday. Excited. Thinking of getting a signed copy.
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2022.01.19 17:29 SkiABasin [Rapids] Colorado Rapids Sign Midfielder Jack Price to Multi-Year Contract Extension

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2022.01.19 17:29 sadscienceguy Queens University Interview Invites/Rejected 2022

Results are out!
Result: Interview/Reject 2-year GPA or cGPA: MCAT: /// Casper:
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2022.01.19 17:29 Gorlak537 Coming soon…

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2022.01.19 17:29 Goxy01 I guess this is ok combination?

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2022.01.19 17:29 richmats Game Crashing for others today?

My game's been crashing a lot today. Anyone else?
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2022.01.19 17:29 Sadboiiy Google Might Soon Accept Crypto for Transactions

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2022.01.19 17:29 kshark12 180 MPH

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